Make your Cat’s Life Pawsome!

Get $10 off any feline vaccination package to get your kitty off to a healthy start!

Bringing home a feline family member? We can help keep them healthy, happy and safe.

Cats and kittens will be flooding the shelters this spring and summer, so if you are planning to adopt a little one to bring home with you, we want to help make sure they are off to a healthy start!

It’s important to remember that even indoor cats need full protection annual from vaccinations and should be receive a fecal test. They are all at risk for internal (stomach and small intestine) parasites because of their exposure to soil in our homes and soil we bring in on our shoes from the outdoors.

Get $10 off any feline vaccination package to get your kitty off to a healthy start!

Whether you already have a furry feline, or are planning to have another one join your family soon, our comprehensive vaccination packages offer all the protection your cat needs to stay healthy, happy and safe.

One coupon per pet. Cannot be combined with other offers. Offer expires 7/3/2017.

About Our Feline Vaccination Packages

We offer four Feline Vaccination Packages at our Community Clinics.

Kitten Pack 1 is a good place to start for most kittens, but always discuss your pet’s lifestyle with a veterinary professional before deciding on the appropriate care for your kitten.
This package contains the basic feline combination vaccine, a dewormer, and a fecal test to screen for a variety of internal parasites. Keep your kitten indoors and separated from other cats as much as possible throughout the course of the Kitten Series.

Kitten Pack 2 is the second of three series for all kittens. In a perfect world nearly every kitten would get Kitten Pack 2 at 12 weeks of age, 4 weeks after Kitten Pack 1, then followed by Kitten Pack 3 at 16 weeks of age. This package includes a booster for the basic feline combination vaccine, a feline leukemia vaccine, and a dewormer.

Kitten Pack 3 is often the final package for kittens and will generally take place at 16 weeks of age.
If your kitten has received sufficient boosters for their Kitten Series, then future vaccinations should take place annually, or as recommended by your veterinarian.
If your kitten receives all three packages before 16 weeks of age, then VIP Petcare recommends getting one final 3-in-1 vaccine 3-4 weeks later. Rabies vaccines do not require a 3-4 week booster after the first vaccination and only need to be done once during the Kitten Series.

Cat Pack: Adult cats need regular vaccinations to ensure they keep adequate antibodies to fight off common diseases. Cat vaccines are generally recommended to be done annually, but speak with a veterinary professional before deciding on the appropriate care for your adult cat.
VIP Petcare strongly recommends annual fecal testing for all cats. If you have an adult cat with no vaccination history, the VIP Petcare veterinarian will likely recommend booster vaccines 3-4 weeks after administration of the initial Adult Cat Pack.


Another important vaccine to consider for your feline:
Feline leukemia virus (FeLV) is a disease that is transmitted from cat to cat via saliva and nasal mucus. It is also commonly transmitted directly from an infected mother to her kittens. Cats in direct contact with one another are the most likely to transmit the disease. This virus suppresses a cat’s immune system much like AIDS disease does in humans. There is no cure for this disease once contracted, but cannot be transmitted to humans. VIP Petcare recommends adding the FeLV vaccine ($14), especially if your cat goes outdoors, to your annual feline package to ensure your pet is fully protected. puppy.