Pet Health Standards of Care

Pet Health Standards of Care

Our Commitment to
You and Your Pet

Commitment to
You and Your Pet

Every location is staffed with a licensed veterinarian who directly supervises the administration of all services

Pet parents have access to all of their pet’s health records for life, free of charge

We use only brand-name veterinary pharmaceutical products

All staff receive extensive and ongoing education and training

Meet Our Veterinarians and Staff

Dr. Christopher Tuma

Years Practicing: 7 Years
Location: Enid, OK

Focusing on preventative medicine is so important to pets and their parents because it allows the veterinarian to provide more thorough education to the pet parent. A well-educated pet parent can then work with the veterinarian to tailor a preventative program that fits their needs. This sets the pet and their parents up to share the best, most fulfilling life possible. PETIQ offers access to care at easily accessible locations where the pet parent is already frequenting, during the days and hours that accommodate them.

Dr. Jessica F. Roebuck

Years Practicing: 3 Years
Location: Fredericksburg, VA

My goal as a veterinarian is to help pets live their best lives. A critical component of health and wellness is preventive medicine, including physical exams, vaccines, heartworm prevention, routine deworming, and bloodwork. The goal is always to prevent disease or detect illness as early as possible. We provide all of these services at our walk-in Wellness Clinics. I love being able to provide high-quality and convenient preventive veterinary services to so many wonderful patients.