VIP Petcare Wellness Center – Toledo

Here at VIP Petcare Wellness Center in Toledo, OH, our experienced veterinarian and pet care specialists provide your furry friends with the preventive care they need to lead a happy, healthy life! Located inside Pet Supplies Plus, our Toledo Wellness Center is open five days a week and offers affordable pet vaccines for dogs and cats in the Toledo, OH area.

Your Premier Toledo, OH Pet Clinic

Our veterinarian and pet specialists provide comprehensive care for a wide range of pet related services and preventatives! Specific veterinarian services we offer include, but are not limited to:

• Vaccinations
• Microchipping
• Parasite Testing
• Prescription Flea, Tick, and Heartworm Preventatives
• Physical Exams
• Ear and Eye Flush
• Nail Trims
• Skin Scrapes
• Health Certificates
• Health Panels

Affordable Pet Vaccines At A Pet Clinic Near You

At VIP Petcare, we believe that preventive care—stopping problems before they arise—is the best treatment! When your cat or dog is in need of a pet vaccination, it can be hard to find an affordable pet care provider conveniently located in your area. Thankfully, VIP Petcare Wellness Center has brought one of our permanent pet health clinics to Toledo! Offering a wide variety of affordable vaccines and preventatives (see vaccination pricing) for cats and dogs of all ages, your pets will be cared for as if they were our own via our standards of care!

Check our Wellness Center prices here.

The Importance Of Pet Vaccinations

Pet vaccines are meant to prepare your pet’s immune system to fight against any invasion of a disease-causing organism. At VIP Petcare, our vaccines contain antigens that closely resemble the disease-causing organisms, but do not cause any illness. Once the vaccine is introduced into your pet’s body, it will stimulate their immune system mildly. That way, if your cat or dog ever encounters the real illness, his or her immune system will be ready to fight it off completely, or at least reduce its severity drastically.

Get In Touch With Your Toledo, OH Vet Today!

Our mission at VIP Petcare Wellness Center in Turlock, CA is to keep your pets healthy, happy, and safe through our high-quality pet care. Our team specializes in a broad spectrum of pet vaccines needed by every household dog or cat, and also general wellness for your pets!

With VIP Petcare at Pet Supplies Plus in Ohio, it’s easier than ever to maintain your animal’s health! If you find your pet is in need of our affordable services, call us today at 1 (800) 427-7973, or get in touch via our easy online form! Just remember, our Toledo Wellness Center is credit card only!

Toledo Pet Wellness Center Clinic Location and Hours

849 W. Alexis Rd.
Toledo, OH 43612

Tuesday: 2:30 – 7:30pm
Wednesday: 2:30 – 7:30pm
Thursday: 2:30 – 7:30pm
Friday: 2:30 – 7:30pm
Saturday: 12:00 – 5:00pm



Dr. Cristin Callahan is a Toledo native who returned to the area after completing her Masters in Animal Science and Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degrees at the Ohio State University in 2004. She practiced in Cincinnati and Michigan before returning to Northwest Ohio to be near family.

Her interests include acupuncture, feline medicine, and preventive care. She enjoys keeping up with the most current therapies and treatments to keep your pets healthy and happy.

Dr. Callahan enjoys working with VIP Petcare because she can focus on preventive care and client education, as well as helping patients with quality, affordable care.


I have brought my animals into the clinic a few times now, and all of the employees have been so kind to all of them and very helpful with any questions or concerns I’ve had. I will be continuing to bring my pets here in the future and will definitely be recommending them,
Abby R.

My husband and I were shopping for our new pups and we were greeted by the VIP Petcare Wellness Center! Everyone was so sweet, so no surprise we had them give our pups, Stella and Bella, their treatments! 5 star rating for the entire team here at the Wellness Center! We will be returning. Y’all are awesome! Thank you.
Adrienne A.

I came into the VIP Petcare Wellness Center to get my two dogs shots and flea & tick pills. I was stopped while shopping in the Pet Supplies Store and I am so glad. What a nice staff and super convenient. I have been back twice now for flea medication. Love the staff!
Amanda N.

Very knowledgable staff, always so kind to me and my animals. I come here all the time and I have never had a bad experience. Amazing!
Ashley W.

I came to VIP Petcare back in January and in November 2018. Dr. Callahan was simply amazing with myself and my dog. Very Knowledgeable, she treated my dog’s medical issue head on. He’s feeling better already and will certainly be back and tell my family, and friends, about VIP Petcare.
Cory T.

I love coming to VIP Petcare. The staff is very friendly and knowledgable. Dr. Callahan answered my questions thoroughly and gave me some tips. You can tell they love all animals!
Cathe F.

Meet Steven and his pets

Steven is the Wellness Center Supervisor for the VIP Petcare Wellness Center in Toledo. He has been with VIP Petcare since December of 2017 and loves his job and everything VIP Petcare stands for. Steven came from working 16 years at a local hospital, uses his knowledge and passion at our Wellness Center.

I must admit that I am a foster failure which started many years ago as when I started out in my pet stylist career and began volunteering for multiple rescue group. I have a special place in my heart for the left behind animals that may have certain ailments. I currently have 8 dogs, 3 cats, 2 guinea pigs and 1 bird. I love all my animals for many different reasons, too many to list, but mostly because of their unconditional love and wet kisses and cold noses. They all have their own personalities, but all get along well.

This is Sassee Sue
She is a 12-year-old Shih Tzu whom absolutely loves barking at any one and everything, and loves to play ball still at her age. She came to our family because she has an overbite and her previous family assumed it would hinder her from eating which turned out to be false she does perfectly fine.

This is Foster Alan
He was supposed to be a foster just like the others, he is 5 years old and is almost the spitting image of his sister Gabbee. Many people get him and her mixed up. Foster was a rescue that was born with minimal teeth and was deemed unadoptable by many because his tongue hangs to the side which I absolutely love and it certainly doesn’t hinder him one bit. He’s a very happy boy that is full of life and loves to eat and play with his siblings.

This is Zuma Marie
Zuma Marie is a 3-year-old long hair Chihuahua that I rescued because she has hypoplasia! Basically, her motor skills are a bit slower and not existent on certain types of flooring. She’s fantastic and super happy because she’s a bit spoiled. She needs a little more attention due to her condition. She’s perfectly “normal” acting, mobile and playful, just not well with slippery floors and steps.

This is Bob And Phillip
I have 2 guinea pigs, Bob and Phillip, and a finch named Stanley who has one leg which is why I had to have him.

This is Girt
Girt is a 11-year-old Havenes who is a cranky pants but loves life, hoarding her toys on her bed and just happy to eat and go outside. She came to us because she was being abused by her old family and thankfully they agreed to relinquish her to my family.

This is Lucee Clementine
Lucee Clementine is a 4-year-old Shih Tzu who loves to stalk her cat siblings, lick their bowls clean at supper time… only if dad isn’t looking. She loves her nyla bones and she has this special “I love you so much” look when she looks deep in your eyes.

This is Captain Marvel Starlord
He is a 10-month-old long hair Chihuahua who came to our family because he was the only survivor of a litter and the breeder no longer was interested in breeding, so of course, I had to take him. He’s a puppy and just loves everything a puppy does!

This is Gabbee Lynn
Gabbee Lynn is an 8-year-old Shih Tzu who is full of life, loves to grab her toys, bounces around the house and loves to be sung to spinning while being sung to. She came to us from a bad breeder situation that was neglected.

This is Romeo Georgio
Romeo Georgio is an 11-year-old Pekingese that came to us from a terrible home situation but has adapted extremely well and basically, like Girt, is happy to just eat and go out side twice a day. We tell Romeo that he looks like the foot stool from Beauty and the Beast!

This is Sheldon Michael
I also have rescued three cats: Franky Figgins, Sheldon Michael and Douglas Wiley Eugene. Franky is a small 5-year-old tiger short hair and Sheldon Michael is a Siamese mix, short hair and Douglas is a long hair tuxedo boy. They all came in from the streets and are blossoming at home.