VIP Petcare Wellness Center – Long Beach

At our VIP Petcare Wellness Center in Long Beach, CA, our expert veterinarian and pet care specialists provide your pets with the preventive care they deserve! Located inside Pet Food Express right next door to Trader Joe’s, our Wellness Center is open five days a week and offers affordable pet vaccines for dogs and cats in need in the Long Beach, CA area.

Your Premier Long Beach, CA Vet Clinic

Our veterinarian and pet specialists provide comprehensive care for a wide range of pet related services and preventatives! Specific services we offer include, but are not limited to:

• Vaccinations
• Microchipping
• Parasite Testing
• Prescription Flea, Tick, and Heartworm Preventatives
• Physical Exams
• Ear and Eye Flush
• Nail Trims
• Skin Scrapes
• Health Certificates
• Health Panels

Affordable Pet Vaccines Near Your

At VIP Petcare, we believe that preventive care—stopping problems before they arise—is the best treatment. When your cat or dog is in need of a pet vaccination, it can be hard to find an affordable pet care provider conveniently located in your area. Thankfully, VIP Petcare Wellness Center has brought one of our permanent pet health clinics to Long Beach! Offering a wide variety of affordable vaccines and preventatives for cats and dogs of all ages, your pets will be cared for as if they were our own via our standards of care!

Check our Wellness Center prices here.

The Importance Of Pet Vaccinations

Pet vaccines are meant to prepare your pet’s immune system to fight against any invasion of a disease-causing organism. At VIP Petcare, our vaccines contain antigens that closely resemble the disease-causing organisms, but do not cause any illness. Once the vaccine is introduced into your pet’s body, it will stimulate their immune system mildly. That way, if your cat or dog ever encounters the real illness, his or her immune system will be ready to fight it off completely, or at least reduce its severity drastically.

Get In Touch With Your Long Beach, CA Pet Clinic Today!

Our mission at VIP Petcare Wellness Center in Long Beach, CA is to keep your pets healthy, happy, and safe through our high-quality wellness care. Our team specializes in a broad spectrum of pet vaccines needed by every household dog or cat, and also general wellness for your pets!

With VIP Petcare at Pet Food Express in Long Beach, it’s easier than ever to maintain your animal’s health! If you find your pet is in need of our affordable services, call us today at 1 (800) 427-7973, or get in touch via our easy online form! Just remember, our Long Beach Wellness Center is credit card only!

Long Beach Pet Wellness Center Clinic Location and Hours

4220 Long Beach Blvd.
Long Beach, CA 90807

Tuesday: 2:30 – 7:30pm
Wednesday: 2:30 – 7:30pm
Thursday: 2:30 – 7:30pm
Friday: 2:30 – 7:30pm
Saturday: 12:00 – 5:00pm



Dr. Christine Becker grew up in Texas, Germany, Virginia and Arizona. She now lives in the South Bay with her husband, who is also a veterinarian, and their diverse crew of dogs and cats. She enjoys the beach, coffee, reading, hiking, and going to Disneyland.

Dr. Becker received her BS in physiology with a minor in chemistry from the University of Arizona. She then attended veterinary school at Western University of Health Sciences. In veterinary school she was the president of the American Association of Feline Practitioners (AAFP) and won the AAFP award. She has a special interest in canine and feline wellness and preventive care as well as feline internal medicine.

Dr. Becker’s favorite part about working for VIP Petcare is being able to focus on wellness and preventive care for each pet. She loves to share in a family’s excitement when taking a new puppy or kitten to the vet for the first time.


I came in from Palmdale and it was worth the drive. I originally came to get a Senior Blood work with urinalysis for one of my dogs, and after such a good and friendly service, I thought I’d get the same test for my second dog. I’m glad I did! The Vet was very detailed and I was able to ask lots of questions. Chelsea and Shaylyn were so great with us and I just wish they were closer!
– M. Lowe

I drive 40 miles to come to Long Beach VIP Wellness Center because the entire staff is remarkable. They are Professional and caring. My dog, Pebbles, is treated by all as if she is their dog. So grateful to everyone at the Long Beach Wellness Center. We love them.
– Pebbles and Leslie

Our pets

This is Snow!
She was adopted from the Pet Food Express cat adoption center in our store. She’s a chatty little marshmallow. I love her obnoxiously loud purrs, the way she loves burrowing under blankets, and how she stands up to her big brother when he tries to bully her!
– Shaylyn

This is Towaoc!
She is my cattle dog/shepherd mix and she is an expert cuddler!
– Dr. Becker

This is Min!
She is my Pomeranian and I love her because she is perfect in every way.
– Dr. Becker

This is Charlie!
He is my Australian shepherd/border collie mix. I love him because he’s a smart boy and he tries his best to be a good boy too.
– Dr. Becker

This is Billie Jean!
We love how silly she is.
– Dr. Becker

This is Rod!
This one is my playful and brave one of the bunch.
– Dr. Becker