Keep Your Pet Healthy and Happy with an Annual Physical Exam

Identify potential problems with a nose-to-tail annual wellness physical exam.

by Dr. Christine Becker, PetIQ Veterinarian

The Physical Exam

For healthy young pets, a physical exam about once a year is recommended. For senior pets, a physical exam twice a year or more may be required to properly monitor their health. These healthy well check visits should be in addition to the visits used to address specific problems.

We offer nose to tail annual wellness physical exams as well as physical exams for minor concerns in otherwise healthy pets.

As much as it may feel like our pets can talk to us sometimes, the reality is they cannot communicate with us as effectively as our human family members can. That is why it is so important to bring your pets in for their wellness physical exams even when they appear to be acting healthy. Veterinarians are skilled at communicating with pets, not by talking, but via the physical exam. Veterinarians known how to check for and recognize subtle signs of a problem during the physical exam, allowing them to make recommendations to further investigate a potential problem or give advice to continue keeping your pet healthy and happy.

Another important part of the wellness physical exam is the conversation you have with your veterinarian. There are many things your pet may be doing at home that seem innocent and normal but may be signs of pain or illness.

A plan for frequency of wellness physical exams should be made by having a conversation with your veterinarian. Most pets should have a wellness physical exam at least once a year.

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