10 Ways to Get Your Pet Ready for Summer Fun!

Read on to learn VIP Petcare’s tips for summer fun!

10. Lots of toys!
Your pets can get bored in the backyard or at home all day while you are out and about. Make sure they have lots of toys to keep them occupied until you get home.

9. Keep Fido Cool!
Utilize the very popular kiddie pools that are in stores and make a little water fun for your dogs on warm, summer days. Fill up a small kiddie pool with a couple inches of water and let the fun begin!

8. Get a Carrier!
If you have to transport your pets to boarders or on trips, be sure to get them a nice carrier to keep them comfy! They deserve a nice secure place to ride in while being in new environments.

7. Get that Haircut!
Maybe an extra trip to a groomer will help keep your furry friend a little cooler. Get that hair trimmed! Make sure it is an experienced groomer, sometimes the scissors and clippers can be a little stressful for our furry friends. We think the “Lion” cut makes fluffy cats look extra awesome!

6. Mind the Heat!
Remember that during the summer cars get hot very quickly. Don’t leave your pet in the car for long periods if at all. If you have to run into a store quickly, be sure to roll down the window a little, park in the shade and leave them with some water. The safest place for your pet on a hot day is at home, not in the car.

5. Vaccine Records Before Vacation!
Many boarding facilities require proof of current, up to date vaccinations before they will let an animal be boarded. Get copies of your vaccines by visiting VipPetcare.com and using the “Email My Records” button. Your records will be sent to your email address within 5 minutes of your request.

4. Vaccinations
Speaking of vaccine records,it is a great time to get your pets up to date on their annual vaccinations. Whether you are taking more walks, spending more time at the dog park or pet friendly restaurants making sure your pets are protected from communicable diseases should be a top priority. To find a clinic close to you visit vippetcare.com.

3. RX Flea Control
Fleas can start becoming more of an issue during warmer months. We suggest keeping up to date with RX flea control such as Comfortis or Nexgard. Both of these highly effective products are given orally so no need to worry about administering products to your pet’s skin. These products can be picked up at any of our clinic locations or ordered through our online pharmacy, vippetcare.vetsfirstchoice.com.

2. Heartworm Prevention
Heartworm is spread through mosquitos. One bite is all it takes to infect a pet. Keeping your pets on a Heartworm prevention such as Revolution or Heartgard is essential all year long but extra important during the warmer months when mosquitoes are out and about. During the months of June and July VIP Petcare is offering a Free Heartworm/Lyme combo blood test with the purchase of any Dog vaccination package!

1. Microchip
Make sure your pet’s are microchipped! With all of the extra family trips, boarding time, and potentially frightening noises (fireworks) having your pets microchipped is essential. A microchip is a permanent pet i.d that is implanted through a sterile needle under the pet’s skin. VIP Petcare offers microchipping for $18, which includes registration in a national database, so where ever you go your pet can be re-connected with you. If your pet is already microchipped make sure all of the information associated with it is up to date! Click here to learn more.

These are some of our favorite tips for summer fun! Show us how you and your pets stay Healthy, Happy and Safe all summer long by tagging us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter or by using the hashtag #HealthyHappySafe!