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Make sure that you keep your pets safe and protect them by keeping current with their vaccinations and taking advantage of our affordable veterinary services by visiting a VIP Petcare clinic near you in Springfield, MA.

When to Vaccinate

When kittens and puppies are born, they are protected from infection by the mother’s milk, as long as she has been vaccinated. However, this protection does not last long and requires proper vaccinations and booster shots. Kittens and puppies should be vaccinated every 4 weeks between the ages of 8-16 weeks.


Dogs need to be vaccinated against:
• Infectious canine hepatitis
• Canine distemper virus
• Canine parvovirus
• Leptospirosis
• Rabies

Your dog should also be given roundworm, tapeworm, hookworm, and heartworm prevention medication. Canine package prices are generally more affordable than opting for individual pricing. If you think that your dog needs a canine fecal test, just visit one of our VIP Petcare clinics near you.


Cats need to be vaccinated against:
• Feline calicivirus
• Feline leukemia virus
• Feline infectious enteritis
• Feline herpes virus
• Rabies

Just like canine vaccination pricing, feline package prices are usually more affordable than individual injections. When it comes to cat care, you also need to get some flea and tick preventative medicine for your furry friend. Discuss with the VIP Petcare Vet, they will help you keep your cat healthy based on his lifestyle.

Maximizing the Effect of Vaccines

If you ensure that your pet is vaccinated at the proper age, the effectiveness of the vaccines will be greater. Most vaccines need annual injections and booster shots when your dog or cat is more than a year old.

To determine whether your pet needs a booster, you should ask our VIP Petcare vet to do a titer test and see the amount of protection that remain, or review your pet’s health records to see when they are due. Click here to find out about our veterinary services to keep your pet healthy.

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