Pet Clinics in Santa Monica, CA

Mobile Pet Vaccine Clinics

Caring for your pet should be as easy as giving a belly rub. VIP Petcare offers vaccines and other preventive vet services at clinics throughout Santa Monica, making it easier than ever to get affordable care for your pet.

Pet Clinics in Santa Monica, CA

Santa Monica Pet Care

You give your pet all the love in the world, but are you getting the preventive care that Fido needs to stay his happy self? Our network of mobile pet clinics in Santa Monica makes it easy, convenient, and affordable to get world-class pet care for your furry friend. We provide everything from pet vaccines and microchipping to pet tapeworm preventative treatments, giving you the peace of mind knowing that your pet is as healthy as they are happy.

Pet Vaccinations Made Easy

When’s the last time you and your pet had a good time at the vet’s office? At VIP Petcare, we offer a different model for pet care that makes it quick and simple to get the treatment your pet needs. We don’t require appointments, so you can simply stop by a community pet clinic near you for your pet to be seen by an expert veterinarian, get the services you need, and be on your way. Plus, our veterinarians uphold a stringent standard of care, so you know that your pet is in great hands.

Our Veterinary Services

Say goodbye to spending hours at the vet’s office for something as simple as flea and tick meds. Our mobile pet clinics are designed to give your pet superb treatment on a tight timeline, and we offer a range of veterinary services, including:

  • Dog fecal tests
  • Pet disease detection
  • Whipworm detection
  • Coccidia detection
  • Giardia detection
  • Pet heartworm prevention
  • Hookworm prevention
  • Roundworm prevention
  • Tapeworm prevention
  • Rattlesnake vaccine
  • Cat vaccinations
  • Dog vaccinations
  • Pet microchipping

Give your pet a long, happy, healthy life for less! Find a VIP Petcare pet clinic near you using the map or contact us online or via phone. We can’t wait to help your pet through convenient, affordable care.