VIP Petcare in Santa Monica

Preventative Pet Clinic In Santa Monica, California.

All the Preventative Services You Need

Santa Monica has a lot of dog and cat owners who need assistance keeping their pets in prime health. While animals generally live more healthy lives than humans when in captivity, through the course of their lives it’s likely they will face one type of illness or another. Knowing a clinic is staffed with pet lovers that will treat your animal like a member of your family is a great first step in giving your pet the preventative treatment they deserve. That’s why so many Santa Monica pet owners turn to VIP Petcare for treatments such as microchipping, tick control, deworming, annual checkups and more.

Services To Look For

Any and all pet care services should be administered under supervision from a veterinarian who is not only licensed but also has a profound love of animals. Santa Monica pet centers offering clinical service should include preventative veterinary care. This kind of care encompasses a variety of services.

Consider this list of what you can expect when coming to a VIP Petcare clinic:
• Pet Vaccinations
• Rx Flea and Tick Control
• Prevention of Heartworm
• Testing
• Deworming
• Titer Testing
• Canine/Feline Rabies Vaccines
• Bordetella Vaccine (canines)
• Feline Leukemia Vaccine
• Roundworm/Hookworm Deworming
K9 Fecal Test Service

No Appointment Necessary

Flu season is fast approaching and can hit you when you least expect it. Humans are able to get a flu shot to help prevent getting sick. Animals deserve the same preventative care as humans and should be taken to a vet clinic that is able to provide preventative services immediately, with no appointment necessary.

This is only possible with pet care services experts that have a larger scope than traditional local veterinary offices. Just be sure to bring cats in an appropriate cat carrier, and put dogs on a leash.

The Advantage of VIP Petcare Pet Clinic

VIP Petcare Clinic has multiple locations and functions in Santa Monica as well as nationally. With pet lovers providing a bevy of necessary services, VIP Petcare Pet Clinic can help your dog or cat live long, fulfilling, healthy lives. You can find a VIP Petcare clinic near you as easy as clicking here, and it’s simple enough to give them a call at (800) 427-7973. Make sure your dog or cat has the best possible care – and affordably, too – with VIP Petcare Community Clinic.