Pet Care Clinics in Los Angeles, CA

Vaccines For Your Los Angeles Pet

VIP Petcare gets your pet the protection they need to continue being their lovable self. Find a mobile pet clinic today.

Community Pet Clinics in Los Angeles

You get your dog sweaters, but do you get them preventive veterinary care? At VIP Petcare, we make it easy to get affordable, expert veterinary care on your own schedule. We offer vaccines and other preventive care, and our mobile pet clinic model makes it easy to find a location that’s convenient for you.

Pet Vaccines & Preventive Care Without Appointments

We know you’re busy and that’s why we’ve designed our pet clinics with you in mind. We offer comprehensive petcare from expert veterinarians at our clinics located within local pet stores.

Because you don’t need to make an appointment to visit one of our locations, you never have to deal with waiting in the vet’s office. We address everything from pet heartworm to dog flu, so your pet is protected from being infected.. From vaccinations to pet microchipping and everything in between, we’re here to serve as a comprehensive preventive pet care resource!

Beyond, in Long Beach, VIP Petcare has its own Pet Wellness Center with an even broader range of services and pet treatments available from our vets. Learn more about our Long Beach Pet Wellness Center.

Affordable Vet Services in Los Angeles

You love your pet, but you’re still on a budget – and we get that. We make our treatments as affordable as possible and as convenient as possible, making it easier than ever to get the preventive pet care that your furry friend needs to be safe from multiple diseases. We offer a wide range of preventive care services, including:

  • Coccidia detection
  • Whipworm detection
  • Giardia detection
  • Dog fecal tests
  • Vaccinations for dogs
  • Vaccinations for cats
  • Flea and tick medicine
  • Microchipping
  • Tapeworm prevention
  • Roundworm prevention
  • Hookworm prevention

Stop wasting hours at the vet’s office. At VIP Petcare, we make it easy, convenient, and affordable to get your pets the care they need – then get on with both of your lives. Contact us or use the map to find a VIP Petcare pet clinic nearest you.