Chelsea, AL, is referred to as one of Shelby County’s “fastest growing cities” and also known as “the #1 family city in the State of Alabama.” With a reported population of only 906 at the time of its incorporation on March 1, 1996, the population grew to nearly 3,000 by the time of the 2000 U.S. Census and grew even further to 10,183 just 10 years later.

With the city motto of “It’s All About Family” and the explosive growth that’s helped Shelby County recently become the fastest growing county in the entire state of Alabama, it’s not surprising that, along with all of these new families, there has also been a boom in the population of household pets as well.

This is ideal for us, since here at VIP Petcare our passion for providing care for animals is proving to be quite popular among our four-footed friends (dogs and cats) in the area. Our mobile vet clinic setup is working well for area pet owners in need of affordable pet care, including things like:

• Pet vaccinations
• Microchipping
• 5-in-1 puppy and dog packs
• Testing
• Numerous other preventative vet services

How it Works

For nearly two decades now, VIP Petcare has provided the highest quality of care for dogs and cats in the areas of pet wellness and disease prevention. Having grown to more than 2,500 clinics throughout 32 states in the U.S., we offer vet clinics out of local community businesses such as pet stores and retail feed stores. While we specialize in the administration of affordable pet vaccinations, which are always given under the supervision of a state-licensed veterinarian, we offer numerous other preventive services.

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