How To Introduce A New Cat To Your Home

Introducing a newly adopted cat to your home can be a difficult challenge, so it’s best to be mentally and physically prepared!
Kittens and adult cats are hyper-sensitive when it comes to being placed into a new environment with unusual surroundings. Most adopted cats, regardless if they are young or old, will hide underneath a bed or in the back of a closet for a few days after the initial introduction to their forever home. Here at VIP Petcare, our veterinarians have put together a comprehensive list of the steps you should take to introduce your new cat to your home as smoothly as possible, helping your new furry friend get acclimated and feel safe.

Provide Your New Cat With It’s Own Space

Cats are territorial by nature, so a new home can leave them feeling overwhelmed and scared of what might lurk around each and every corner. To make your cat’s transition into your home easier, provide the cat with their own room or space right away. Bathrooms or laundry rooms both work well, furnish whatever room you choose with cat toys, a litter box, and a place for the cat to eat and drink. We know you will want to spend time with your cat, so make sure there’s enough space in the room for you to sit comfortably.

Create A Safe Haven In Your Cat’s Room

When cats are feeling scared or intimidated, they like to escape and get to a space that makes them feel safe. So we recommend to microchip your cat to be safe. If you brought your cat home in a cat carrier, that might do the trick! Place a mini fort in its room, giving the cat a secret place to run to incase they are feeling anxious about all the new sights and smells. Instead of using a cat carrier, you can purchase a covered cat bed at any general pet store, or you could buy a litter box with a cover over it. No matter what type of safe haven you choose, make sure it’s tall enough for your cat to stand up and turn around with ease.

Give Them A High Place To Survey The Room

Cats love to survey their surroundings from a high place, so we recommend providing the cat with a cat tree or structure that they can climb to view their new home. Additionally cat trees can provide a great place for your new cat to scratch their claws, keeping your furniture and valuables safe and sound! If you decide not to get a cat tree we recommend to trim your cat’s nails regularly.

The Big Day

As you bring your newly adopted cat home in a cat carrier, take them straight to the designated cat room. If you have a large family with children, let them know their new cat will be feeling scared, so it’s best to remain quiet and take turns seeing the cat instead of bombarding the cat all at once. Place your cat and the carrier gently on the floor and open the door without pulling them out. Let your new furry friend come to you! Allowing your cat to get acquainted with you and their new surroundings on their own time is crucial for a proper introduction. Some adopted cats are particularly frightened, and they will hide in their safe haven until you’ve left the room, or until night time when all is quiet. If the cat doesn’t come out to see you, give the cat time and come back later.

Familiarity Is Key When It Comes To Cat Food

Your newly adopted cat might not eat at all in the beginning, but just remain patient and diligent. At first, it’s best to give your cat the same food they had at the shelter or in their foster home. Keeping some things familiar will make the cat feel more comfortable. Be sure to change the cat’s water frequently and make sure that the cat is drinking water. If your cat hasn’t eaten for a few days, give your full service veterinarian a call.

Proper Acclimation Equals One Happy Cat

Within a week or so, your newly adopted cat will want to venture out of their safe haven to explore the rest of their new world! As they do so, it’s important to ensure that your family members or other pets aren’t going to startle the care as they slowly expands their territory. Place indicators — such as toys or catnip — around the house that let the cat know they’re in a safe place. Pretty soon, the cat will be right at home in their new home; jumping about with their toys, taking cat naps on your lap, and purring loudly to let you know that they’re now a part of your family.

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