Keep Your Pet’s Ears Clean and Healthy

Ear disease in dogs and cats can develop for a variety of reasons including ear mites, ear infections (bacterial or yeast) and allergies.

by Dr. Julie Sheil, PetIQ Veterinarian

Signs your pet may have ear disease include:

  • Shaking the head more than usual
  • Scratching at the ears more than usual
  • Grumbling or groaning while scratching the ears
  • Crying (yelping or meowing) when the ears are touched
  • A foul or musty odor coming from the ears
  • Heavy wax or discharge in the ears
  • Changes in the appearance of the ear flap
  • Tilting of the head to one side

Pet parents should seek medical evaluation from a VIP Petcare veterinarian at the first sign of an ear problem.

Attempting to self-treat your pet is not recommended and may result in prolonged suffering as pets with ear disease are often very uncomfortable if not in pain. Incorrect treatment with inappropriate or potentially harmful over-the-counter products is not only a waste of money but will result in prolonged illness for your pet.

VIP Petcare Minor Medical Care – Ear Package includes:

  • A physical examination
  • Ear swab cytology to check for ear mites
  • Ear swab cytology to check for presence of bacterial or yeast infection
  • Ear cleaning (unless deemed too painful or otherwise contraindicated)
  • Instruction on proper ear care (ear cleaning and preventive measures)
  • Discussion of any additional tests or therapies as needed for long-term management

VIP Petcare Minor Medical Care Ear Package does not include:

  • Cost of ear cleaner and/or prescription drugs (e.g., medication for the treatment of ear mites or infection, pain relievers, corticosteroids or allergy medication)
  • Cost of follow-up examination and testing to confirm resolution of the ear disease
  • Cost of additional recommended tests or ongoing therapies as needed for long-term management

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