Get Your Dog Healthy From the Inside Out

Purchase a heartworm test and we’ll give your dog a FREE nail trim.

Purchase a heartworm test and we’ll give your pet a FREE nail trim*.

Offer expires 3/31/19. Voucher required. Nail trim must be performed in the same visit, and only to the pets who receive the heartworm test.

*Nail Trims can take up to 20 min, so please plan your visit accordingly. Offer valid ONLY at Wellness Centers.


VIP Petcare Wellness Centers are permanent locations inside our partners’ stores that offer a more traditional veterinary setting compared to Community Clinics.

In addition to vaccinations, microchipping, parasite testing, prescription flea, tick and heartworm preventative, Wellness Centers offer a wider range of veterinary care options for your pet. Additional services include physical exams, ear and eye flush, skin scrapes, health certificates, health panels as well as wide variety of other pet wellness services.

No appointment is necessary when visiting our Wellness Centers. Just come by during our drop in hours (may vary by location) with your pet and our staff will be ready to get your pet healthy, happy and safe.

VIP Petcare Wellness Centers want to help you start your pup’s year on the right paw.

The busyness of the holidays can leave us pushing important pet health care needs to the wayside, but now is a great time to make your pet a priority again.

Did you let your pet’s heartworm protection fall to the wayside?

Missing just one dose of your dog’s heartworm prevention leaves them vulnerable to heartworm disease, and contrary to popular belief, heartworm disease is a threat to dogs year round. Before you can begin administering heartworm preventative medication to your pooch he will first need a heartworm test to be sure he is heartworm free. Heartworm preventatives do not kill heartworms if your pet already has them, they just prevent heartworms from growing into adults that can harm your pet when fully developed. Once your pet receives a test, (with a negative test result) you will gain access to a prescription to purchase the heartworm preventative medication that works best for your pooch. Ask our clinic staff for more information.

Maybe you let his nails grow a little longer than they should be?

A professional nail trim and grind is the healthy choice as part of your pet’s regular care routine and can prevent damage to your dog’s feet over time. Your pet will leave with healthy nails and our team with help determine how often you should get your pet’s nails trimmed to keep him healthy for the long haul.

Right now we’ve got a great offer to help in both of these areas. Purchase a heartworm test at any VIP Petcare Wellness Center from now until 3/31/19 and receive a FREE nail trim* during the same visit ($20 value).