Pet wellness care that fits in with your busy life!

VIP Petcare is Committed to Keeping Your Pet Healthy, Happy and Safe

VIP Petcare Community Clinics Offer Convenient Preventive Vet Care at Local Pet Stores.

If you are planning to take your pet to a groomer, keep your pet at daycare, you are likely aware that specific vaccines are required before your pet can visit. VIP Petcare has everything you need to get your pet groomer and daycare ready! If you are looking to have your pet’s annual vaccines and services completed, we can take care of that, too.

Our goal is to make it easy for you to get your furry family member all the care he/she needs.

Every walk-in Community Clinic offers:

• comprehensive vaccines for dogs and cats
• pet microchipping
• diagnostic blood and fecal testing
• prescription flea and tick control
• de-worming
• heartworm prevention
and more!

No appointment is necessary! Just bring your cat in a secure carrier and make sure your dog is on a leash. VIP Petcare staff will discuss your pet’s lifestyle and help you determine the best products and services for your individual pet.

We love your pets like you do!

We, the veterinarians and staff of VIP Petcare, promise to treat you and your loved ones, be they two-legged or four-legged, as members of our family. We believe that our core responsibility is the ethical treatment of pets. We promise to help you keep your pet healthy, happy and safe.

You can find a VIP Petcare clinic at over 2,700 pet retailers nationwide!

Come give us a try and save $7 off any product or service.

Offer expires 12/31/2017.

Dr. Emily Wilson is very friendly. We went in for our puppy’s second set of vaccinations (we got his first set at another provider but it felt a bit disorganized and made me think that it was Black Friday with the ridiculously long line) and she was very sweet and took my pups size into consideration and didn’t force to give him all kinds of vaccines at once. She recommended that we waited a little before giving him more vaccinations since he was five pounds at the time. We will definitely be coming back!
– Niveah L.

I heard about the new Canine Influenza problem spreading across the USA. My Vet did not carry the vaccine, and neither did any of the other local Vet offices. I contacted VIP Petcare and they notified me that they did offer BOTH vaccines for a very reasonable price!
– Maureen V.