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Stephanie with her dogs Molly, Chloe, and Bernard!

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“We love the special care and attention we receive from everyone at VIP Petcare. Our fur babies are always taken care of in a timely manner.
-Stephanie Z.”

“The VIP Petcare Clinics are better than advertised! It’s all in the name, because they really do make pets and their owners feel like VIP’s! I’ll admit that when I take my dogs to a vet or any type of clinic that I get nervous. Pet owners love their pets so much that they always want the best for them. That’s why my wife and I were so glad that we found out about the VIP Petcare. Each experience there is better than the last. They are fast, efficient, and very thorough.
When Chloe, Molly, and Bernard are examined they are given the best treatment and always leave happy and healthy. My family wouldn’t choose anything other than the VIP Petcare!”

Finding our Four Legged Family Members

Two Southern Belles and a Hitchhiker.
Our 3 pups came into our lives in different ways and a different times. The main thing that they all have in common is that my wife’s big heart fell for all 3 of them.

Chloe was the first to come into our lives. In 2013 my wife Stephanie was looking online trying to find a rescue dog. She wanted to help these dogs that we always hear so much about. She found a picture of a baby black lab that had been found on the side of the road with her 12 brothers and sisters in a bag. A woman who rescues and rehabilitates dogs took care of the entire litter and posted information about how to help these dogs. We thought that Chloe was nearby in Pennsylvania. It turned out that she was down south in Tennessee. Steph had already fallen in love with her, and so when she was old enough, the “Canine Cowboy” made his way up the east coast to New Jersey, where on a hot August day, we brought Chloe home.

Next was Molly, who we found a little more than a year later. Steph again found out about her from the same rescue shelter in Tennessee that she had found Chloe. Molly is a beautiful yellow lab, but she was in desperate need of a home. We had never intended on having more than one dog, but when Steph and I heard that Molly was in line to be euthanized if she didn’t find a home, we knew that we had to save her. So once again, after putting in to save Molly, we waited for her to be ready to come to us. She had to be treated for heartworm and other illnesses, but when she was healthy enough, the “Canine Cowboy” once again brought Molly up the east coast to us. This time, Steph picked her up in the middle of the night a few days after Halloween. She was the final piece we would add to our four legged family (so we thought).

Finally we added some testosterone to the household with Bernard, who we just added to our family a few months ago. Finding him was a very fortunate accident. Steph was coming home around midnight from volunteer work, and in our neighborhood she came across a dog walking around in the middle of the road. We did our best to get him to come with us, but he was very skiddish. Finally, we got him into our yard. He was in bad shape. A harness was on his body rubbing him raw. He hadn’t been bathed or fed in quite some time. We took him to a shelter, but I knew before we dropped him off, that we had found our 3rd dog. After a short time, we brought Bernard home.

Now Chloe, Molly, and Bernard are inseparable. Their journeys into our lives were all very different, but they all ended up with us for the same reason: My wife Stephanie. She is their guardian angel, and our family is so much better off with our 3 fur babies. We are truly blessed to have them as part of our family.