Have a New Pet?

The Lifetime of Preventative Care for Your Pet

Getting a new pet can be an exciting, yet overwhelming time. When buying food, toys, bedding, treats or anything else, there is a lot of information to take in.
Don’t forget the importance of continued preventative care to protect your pet from nasty parasites and diseases.

If your puppy or kitten is less than 6 months, you will want to visit our clinic for puppy and kitten pack series to prevent the risk of contracting certain diseases that are common among young animals.

Regardless of the age of your new dog or cat, getting him or her started on a healthy preventative and wellness care routine is critical for longterm health and happiness. Here are some specific services you will want to investigate:


All pets should be microchipped. Even indoor pets can accidently get out and wander. Visit our clinic to microchip your pet and get lifetime, national registration at no extra cost! Make sure you can always help your pet get home!

Learn more about Microchipping.

Diagnostic Testing

Every pet deserves regular checks to be sure their health is as good as it can be. Early detection of disease, many that don’t exhibit early symptoms, can result in a quick return to health at minimal cost to you


Dogs and cats need ongoing vaccinations against disease to ensure they stay happy, healthy and safe. Our knowledgeable staff and veterinarians will talk to you about your pet’s specific lifestyle and recommend the vaccinations needed.

Visit our Vaccine Recommendations page for more information.

Prescription Parasite Control Medication

At VIP Petcare, we make it easy and affordable for you to keep your pet on a regular regime of medication to prevent disease such as heartworm and control parasites such as fleas and ticks.

Visit our Community Clinics or Wellness Centers to learn more and to get your pet started on a happy, healthy life.