Protect your dog against Lyme disease

Ticks “hitch” a ride on our pets by sticking out their “thumbs” and jumping on board.
Protect your dog against Lyme disease transmitted by some of these hitchhikers!

Outdoor activities are always better when our four legged friends are with us. Whether we are walking, running, swimming, or just lounging around the yard, life is better with a dog! We all want to keep our dogs safe when we are enjoying the outdoors. Did you know that ticks can put our dogs at risk for diseases such as Lyme? It is true. Dogs can get Lyme disease just like people and those nasty “hitchhiking” ticks are the reason.

What can we do to keep our pets safe all year long from Lyme disease? Get your dog on a tick preventative (these are usually combined with a flea preventative), AND get your dog vaccinated. VIP Petcare has veterinarians ready to protect your pooch against Lyme disease at a clinic near you. Find a clinic here.

Can dogs get Lyme disease anywhere in the US? The answer is yes. Lyme disease is transmitted by certain species of ticks and these ticks can be found in many areas through the US. Also, pets travel a lot in today’s world and a dog from one area of country may be in your “neck of the woods” the next week or next week carrying with them the ticks that transmit Lyme disease. Keep your dog safe! Get your pet vaccinated.

Here are VIP Petcare statistics from 2015 and 206 combined:

Lyme Disease and Pets

So, we said that ticks “stick out their thumbs” and that is literally true! Ticks use their legs to “sense” when a dog, person, or any other animal is nearby. Ticks “wave” their legs in a motion called “questing”. Questing allows the tick to both sense the animal and allows them to “hitch” a ride on the animal and settle down where it takes a blood meal (yuck!) and transmit diseases, sometimes, like Lyme. It is okay to hike… just not let your dog get “hitched” to a tick!

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