“I rescued him from a situation where he was living a single wide mobile home with holes in the floor in January 2012. He is half Daschund and half Cairn Terrier. The other dog in the pics is Tessa (whom I rescued in 2007 – she was homeless living in a tent and had just had her 4th litter in 4 years). She was Rudy’s mama dog. Shortly after she passed away in 2014 I thought Rudy was just depressed but it turned out he has Pituitary Cushings disease. He is on medication twice per day but is doing much better. He is only 6 years old. He has been going to VIP Petcare since I got him in 2012.”
– Cate C.  

Congratulations Cate! Your family and Rudy will be able to spend a vacation at a Red Roof Inn.