Pet Travel Checklist for Road Trips, Hotel and Home Stays

Load up! Your road trip has finally arrived and even your pets can feel the excitement. If you plan to spend some time in the car this summer and stay at a pet-friendly hotel or pet-friendly home, we’ve got the information you need to be fully prepared. Service animals are almost always exempt from hotel and rental home policies, but it’s a good idea to confirm that.

When choosing a place to stay, note the number of pets allowed.
Hotels or guest homes have rules on the number of pets allowed. If you need to bring more than one pet with you, contact them directly for rules about having an additional pet.

Understand vaccination requirements/protect your pet with vaccines.
Some hotels or rental homes may have vaccination requirements or may require your pet be on flea and tick control. You may even consider getting additional vaccines to protect your pet depending to which region or climate you are traveling. If this is required, or feel this is necessary, just be sure to plan ahead and visit a veterinarian.

Keep your pet comfortable during the drive.
Give your pet a designated place in your car and plenty of cool air during your trip, and do your best to make sure they are as secure as possible in the event of sudden breaking.

Have food and water on hand for pit stops.
Any time you take a break during your road trip offer your pet water, and if it’s time for a meal, keep food handy as well so they can remain on a somewhat normal schedule.

Keep your pet secure while on the grounds of a hotel or rental home.
Keep your pet on a secure leash. This is for both the safety of your pet and others nearby. Being in an unfamiliar place can cause extra anxiety for your pet and keeping them close and with you at all times will help keep them calm.

Be prepared to clean up after your pet.
Keep baggies with you at all times to clean up when your pet goes to the bathroom.

Make sure your pet has proper identification.
This includes I.D tags containing the owner’s name and phone number, contact information for the place you will be staying and a microchip that gives your pet a permanent form of identification in case the I.D tags are lost. If your pet already has a microchip, ensure the contact information is up to date and include information for your travel destination.

Carry a color photo of your pet.
In the event your pet escapes, a photo will be helpful when helping to find them.

Bring your pet’s medical records.
Bring a copy of your pet’s recent immunization records, information about medical conditions or anything else relating to your pet’s health. This will help should anything happen while you are away.

Pack any items your pet needs, including a bed, medication, toys, water, leash, food, etc.