August is Immunization Awareness Month!

Check back here often for information about vaccines needed to keep your pets safe while at home and on the go.

Canine Flu Vaccination

It is always fun to take our pups with us while traveling. We want to make sure they are protected from diseases that can make them sick. Canine Infectious respiratory disease can affect dogs of all ages and causes a persistent, hacking cough which can last days or weeks.

You may have heard of kennel cough, Bordetella bronchiseptica. Did you it is very similar to Whooping Cough in humans? It is spread when dogs come into contact with other dogs or with contaminated objects found in places like kennels, dog parks, and doggie day care facilities.

Dogs get the flu? Even in the summer? It can’t be! Yep, it’s true. Canine flu is spread by direct contact with other dogs or contaminated surfaces. Sharing a water bowl with other dogs, a quick rest stop break, dining out with your dog, exploring the beach or mountains, or visiting a dog park could expose your pet.

Protect your dog at VIP Petcare with vaccinations for Bordetella and Canine Flu. Ensure everyone has a safe and enjoyable trip, including your canine family members!

Your pups not joining you on this trip? Make sure they are protected when they go to the boarding facility or Canine Camp. A new environment can be a little stressful. That, combined with a group setting including many other dogs, makes it easier to spread both Bordetella and Canine Flu. Make sure your dog is protected by getting these vaccinations at VIP Petcare. It is easier to protect than to treat. And remember, no appointment is needed. Just find a clinic through our clinic locator and come on by!