VIP Petcare in Wilmington

VIP Petcare is proud to serve Wilmington, Delaware.

Pet Lovers for Pet Lovers

In Wilmington, you don’t want detached pet care; you want a pet care clinic staffed by individuals passionate about animals they serve. After all, it’s not just your wallet on the line, it’s the comfort and mental acuity of your dog or cat. Many dogs and cats are as much a member of the family as a person is. They have their own personalities, idiosyncrasies, habits, foibles, and strengths. Unfortunately, they also get sick without your consent or direction, just like you do.

No Appointment Necessary

In the millennial culture, pets are more popular than ever. One reason is that pets can help people have a reason for living; they give an individual someone to care for, and in reciprocation, love is given from the animal. Some pet owners have little time to deal with sick animals, so the best way to keep them healthy is to prevent the illness from coming altogether. Preventative pet services are available with no appointment needed.

But if you’re working 70 hours a week when the cat starts vomiting non-stop, then there might not be a convenient time for you to make an appointment. When there is a pet clinic that offers services with no needed appointment, you can have the best of both worlds. Wilmington provides these options and they’re not as hard to find as you may think.

The Right Preventative Services

It is not enough that a pet clinic has love for animals in the same way you do. It’s not enough that you can show up any time during a scheduled clinic without an appointment. The clinic’s got to offer excellent services as well, or what good is it? Common services to look for include:
• Vaccinations
• Rx Flea and Tick Control (Cats Or Dogs)
• Heartworm Prevention
• Testing
• Deworming
• Titer Testing
• Canine Rabies/Feline Rabies Vaccine
• Fecal Testing (Dogs and Cats)
• Feline Leukemia Vaccine
• 5-in-1 DAP + Parvo Vaccine (Dogs)

A Revolutionary Pet Clinic

VIP Petcare has multiple locations in most cities across the country. We are pet lovers offer the services listed above, and no appointment is necessary to get your animal taken care of; just show up with cats in a carrier and dogs on a leash. You can contact VIP Petcare for more information at (800) 427-7973 or find a clinic near you here.