When it comes to wellness for animals, the first concern pet owners usually have is cost. Unfortunately, most pet care service providers that promise cut-rate charges end up disappointing their customers with low-quality services.

Luckily, pet owners in Vestavia Hills, AL, can enjoy competitively priced, premium quality vet preventive services thanks to VIP Petcare’s mobile vet clinic.

Kittens and puppies are more at risk of contracting diseases than adult counterparts because they have weaker immune systems. Before you get any kitten or puppy, they should already be vaccinated. However, it does not hurt to find out which shots your pet has had before taking them home.

Why choose VIP Petcare?

Established in 1995, VIP Petcare takes great pride in offering high-value pet care services and affordable pet vaccinations to their customers. They work with various community partners and reputable pet stores to bring preventative care vet clinics to neighborhoods.
This saves you the time and money you would otherwise have spent going to veterinary clinics located far from where you live.

What’s more, VIP Petcare offers a wide range of preventative veterinary services and pet vaccinations, including:
• Microchippping
• Heartworm prevention
• Dog flu treatment
• Rx flea and tick control
• Testing and deworming

VIP Petcare understands the integral role your pet plays in the family. As such, we are committed to treating your animal as we would our own. We are known for our professionalism, expertise, honesty and, most importantly, our passion for pets. Therefore, you can bet on VIP Petcare to provide the best preventive care, diagnostics, and therapeutic care for your dog, cat, or other family pet.


Every responsible pet owner wants to receive the best pet care for their animals but at an affordable cost. It is the commitment of VIP Petcare to provide premium quality, yet affordable vet care close to your home to save you the hassles associated with taking your pets to distant clinics.

If you live in Vestavia Hills, AL, get in touch with a VIP Petcare clinic near you by calling (800) 427-7973.