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Protecting your pet from illnesses in Tucson, AZ, often means keeping on top of the vaccinations your pet needs annually. Vaccinations should be administered as recommended by a licensed veterinarian. We base our recommendations on your and your pet life style.

Know the Facts

After your cat or dog receives his initial round of pet vaccinations, additional preventative care is needed to protect against fleas, ticks, parasites, heartworm and more.

Consider variables (such as the environment, contact with other animals, and your pet’s health and age), then discuss the necessity of these vaccines with your vet. For instance, if you’re living in Tucson, AZ, and live in an area with many ticks, you should strongly consider the vaccine for Lyme disease. Pets that are frequently at the grooming salon or socializing with other animals might need the FelV vaccine for your cat and bordetella for your dog.

Click here to learn more about tick and Lyme disease.

Maximizing the effect of a vaccine in Tucson, AZ

You can maximize a vaccine’s effectiveness by making sure that your puppy or kitten gets the first round of affordable pet vaccines at the right age. Young animals are more susceptible to diseases and require the most protection.

Most vaccines need repeat injections for some time and booster shots once the pet is over a year old. At VIP Petcare we recommend annual testing (fecal or blood) to make sure your pet is protected for life!

Just because your pet might need fewer shots does not mean you should stop visiting mobile vet clinics or clinics annually.

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