VIP Petcare in Staten Island

Mobile Pet Clinic In Staten Island, NY.

Dog and cat owners on Staten Island, NY, can stop by a VIP Petcare Community Clinic for quick access to a veterinary professional who can provide vaccinations and preventive health care for your four-legged friends.

VIP Petcare offers vaccinations for dogs and cats from the age of eight weeks. Our Community Clinic provides a great opportunity for busy New Yorkers to see a veterinarian who will check for common problems.

Our vets do not treat sick dogs, but we do offer a variety of common tests and procedures, including:

  • Fecal tests: to check for heartworm and other parasites
  • De-wormer medications
  • Titer testing to measure antibodies in your dog’s blood to determine their need for vaccinations
  • Microchip implantation for the low fee of $19 – this registration is good for the animal’s lifetime.

Dog packages

We offer several packages for puppies and dogs along with individual pricing for rabies and other special inoculations. All dogs should have anti-viral vaccines starting at eight weeks. A fecal test for heartworm and other parasites should be administered at that time.

Canine vaccinations include:

  • DAP + Parvo 5-in-1
  • Leptospirosis 4-way
  • Bordetella
  • Canine rabies
  • Distemper

We offer prescriptions for flea and tick control. We also offer a canine influenza package for dogs eight weeks and older, providing protection from the H3N8 and H3N2 respiratory viruses common in some parts of the country.

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Feline packages

Cats and kittens need to be vaccinated against a similar list of viruses and feline distemper. Inoculations are recommended at eight and twelve weeks of age for kittens.

This includes:

  • Feline panleukopenia
  • Herpesvirus
  • Calicivirus
  • Fecal testing and medication for roundworm

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