VIP Petcare in St. Louis, Missouri

We Provide Pet Vaccinations in St. Louis, Missouri


VIP Petcare in St. Louis, Missouri

If you are one of the 47 percent of Americans who care for a pet, you understand the need for quality pet care. Tending to that special pet in your life can be expensive but very fulfilling. Affordable pet vaccinations are beneficial to your pet’s welfare and your wallet. VIP Petcare brings premium pet wellness care to your area with a mobile vet clinic, convenient micro-chipping options, and cost-effective treatments to ensure your perky pets thrive.

Why Use Pet Vaccinations?

• They help prevent the spread of diseases in the area.
• They can be customized to your pet’s needs, regardless of whether they are outdoor or indoor pets.
• They shield pets from contagions that often spread through animal day cares, boarding kennels, dog shows and dog parks.
• They protect you and your dog from dangerous diseases that can be transmitted to humans, such as rabies.

Don’t Let Your Pet Become a Statistic

Rabies is a formidable threat to the animal population in the state of Missouri. Though it is naturally found in bats and skunks in the area, domesticated animals such as cats, dogs, horses and cattle also have been stricken with rabies, often with tragic results. They may infect other people or animals, but also they will almost certainly either die of the disease itself or need to be put down.

Taking advantage of preventative vet services such as mobile wellness clinics in your area, could prevent your pet from becoming one of the 7,000 to 8,000 animals who become rabid each year. VIP Petcare provides you with preventative pet vaccinations to safeguard your furry (or hairless) family member’s life and health.

Your pet deserves premium vet wellness services. At VIP Petcare, “Keeping Pets Healthy Happy and Safe” isn’t just a statement; it’s tour life’s work. Continually promoting health and wellness for animals, our pet vaccination clinics help prevent heartworm, Lyme disease, dog flu, rabies and more.

Click here to find a clinic near you, or call VIP Petcare at 1(800) 427-7973 and discover what quality pet care can mean for your precious pet today!