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Preventative Pet Clinic In San Antonio, Texas.

As pet owners, we cherish our little furry friends, and many of us consider them a part of our family. We delight in watching their personalities develop and enjoy their companionship. However, what happens when our pets get sick? Just as with traditional family members, we worry when our pets show symptoms of illness and then we rush to a veterinarian.

Just as people try to stay well using preventative medicine, we can apply those ideas to our pets. That’s where VIP Petcare comes into the picture.

Who VIP Petcare Is and What We Do

Pets can suffer from common viruses in San Antonio based on climate and exposure to other pets or animals that carry the disease.

VIP Petcare is your friendly San Antonio clinic located in your favorite pet and retail stores. We make it easy to keep your pet happy, healthy, and safe by offering the highest value in quality preventative veterinary care. We offer a variety of preventative vet services for pets with no appointment necessary – just stop by one of our locations at your convenience. You can find flexible hours and convenient locations on our website.

VIP Petcare clinics are staffed by highly trained, knowledgeable pet experts who will make recommendations about your concerns based upon your pet’s overall health, as well as behavioral lifestyle. A licensed veterinarian will oversee the care of your pet at the clinic. Other services include:
• Preventative care with diagnostic testing and prescription heartworm, flea and tick products
• Vaccinations
• Microchips
• Health certificates

As residents of San Antonio, we know it’s difficult to find preventative medicine for your pets, but with VIP Petcare, this worry is a thing of the past. Visit us online at VIP Petcare.