VIP Petcare in Reno

Reno Nevada Pet Vaccinations


The Difficulty of Scheduling an Appointment

When your cat or dog needs affordable pet vaccinations, it can be hard to find the right pet care service in Reno. Thankfully, there is a new trend in pet care which is giving more people access to veterinary services than ever before.

The Innovation of the Mobile Vet Clinic

Mobile vet clinics are exactly what they sound like: they’re veterinary services that provide preventative vet care for animals in locations closer to where you live. There’s no need to drive a long way to the vet and make an appointment. VIP Petcare usually has a service in or near your area of residence.

In Reno, specifically, VIP Petcare has four locations you can choose from. One is near the intersection of I-580 and 359 at the Reno PetCo. The second is located at the PetCo near Home Depot on S. Virginia Street. The third is located at the Pet Supermarket off McCarren before you hit East Prater headed north, and the fourth is at the Spanish Springs Pet Station on Pyramid Way.

The Services You Need

VIP Petcare offers microchipping, heartworm treatment, dog flu protection, a broad spectrum of high quality vaccinations needed by every household dog or cat, and wellness for animals in general. Dogs or cats—there’s plenty of room for your pet with VIP Petcare. Our expert treatments include:
• Shots for Canines
• Shots for Felines
• Microchipping
• Pet Vaccinations
• Heartworm Prevention
• Flea and Tick Medicine
• K9 Fecal Tests
• Pet Disease Detection
• Diagnostic Testing
• Roundworm prevention
• Hookworm prevention
• Tapeworm prevention
• Whipworm
• Rattlesnake vaccine
• Giardia
• Coccidia
VIP Petcare provides these services for cats and dogs alongside convenient appointment scheduling. But appointments aren’t required; you can show up the day you need help and get it.

So, give up the hassle of cumbersome traffic and appointments that don’t mesh with your schedule. Oftentimes issues like these prevent people from getting service for their animals, and their pets ultimately suffer. Don’t let that happen to the four-legged family member in your life. Discuss your pet’s health needs with a VIP Petcare expert today!