VIP Petcare in Reno

Reno Nevada Pet Vaccinations

Affordable Pet Clinic Near You

When your cat or dog needs pet vaccinations, it can be hard to find affordable pet care service conveniently located in your area. Thankfully, VIP Petcare has brought mobile pet care clinics to areas across the country, including Reno.

Our vet clinics give more people access to veterinary services than ever before. The clinics are conveniently located within local pet stores are provide preventive veterinary services for your dog or cat. Now you can get your pet the care it needs closer to your home. There’s no need to drive a long way to the vet or even to make an appointment. We accept walk-ins during our days of operation at each pet clinic location in Reno.

Our Vet Care Services in Reno

Visit a VIP Petcare mobile vet clinic in the Reno area for:

  • • Vaccinations for dogs
  • • Vaccinations for cats
  • • Microchipping
  • • Pet heartworm prevention
  • • Flea and tick medicine
  • • Dog fecal tests
  • • Pet disease detection
  • • Pet diagnostic testing
  • • Roundworm prevention
  • • Hookworm prevention
  • • Tapeworm prevention
  • • Whipworm detection
  • • Rattlesnake vaccine
  • • Giardia detection
  • • Coccidia detection

VIP Petcare specializes in a broad spectrum of high quality vaccinations needed by every household dog or cat, and wellness for your pets in general. With VIP Petcare, it’s never been easier to maintain your animal’s health. If you find your pet is in need of the services offered by a VIP Petcare clinic, search for our nearest location or contact us.