Affordable Pet Care and Non-Appointment Pet Service in New York

We Provide Pet Vaccinations and more in New York City.

Driving in New York? Forget about it. Traffic there can get so bad that you’re stuck on the same city block for an hour or more. Even well-maintained vehicles are liable to overheat in those conditions, not to mention the pets in the back seat. You don’t like going through it yourself, and pets–with their heightened sense of smell and hearing–are going to like it even less.
There needs to be a provision that allows you to get your pet vaccinations and the like taken care of on a first-come, first-serve basis. That’s where VIP Petcare comes in. VIP Petcare has multiple locations throughout the city with no appointment and offers a full range of services from affordable pet vaccinations to the following at close by pet store:

• Preventative veterinary services
• Microchipping
• Heartworm prevention and testing
• Dog Flu
• Vaccinations for dogs and cats

And more

Affordable pet care for animals provided by mobile vet clinics is not only convenient but it also covers most of your pet care needs.

A Modern Solution to Pet Care

In a fast moving society, mobile clinics requiring no appointment are a popular option But they most be more intimate and caring than just a walk in. A long term relationship caring for your pet must be established.

VIP Petcare makes it convenient for you to get your pet’s needs taken care of in New York City. Convenience is a huge factor in applicability. With a “no appointment necessary” service, you can come in and get your pet the care it needs. Especially for emergencies, VIP Petcare offers a prime solution. Reminders are also automatically sent via mail and e-mail in order to help you remain cognizant of your pet’s preventative care needs.

Veterinary Services You Can Trust

New York City is a bustling megalopolis of the future, and your pet’s needs won’t follow your schedule. VIP Petcare can be contacted at (800) 427-7973. Call today to find the location nearest you! Or click here to find a clinic near you on our website.