New York City Pet Clinics

Taking care of a pet in New York is a hassle on its own, but getting affordable, professional veterinary care service shouldn’t have to be.

New York City Pet Clinics

Visit Our NYC Pet Health Clinics Today

Don’t neglect the importance of quality medical care for your pet. Contact us to find a pet clinic near you and come by for a visit. By staying proactive and getting your pet preventive care on a regular basis, you can help to prevent problems and ensure your little buddy has many happy years of tail wags, long walks, and plenty of fun!

Pet Care & Vaccinations Made Easy

We all know what pets need to thrive: a good home, walks and exercise, healthy food, a few treats now and then, and, of course, plenty of love and affection! But in addition to these staples, every pet needs high-quality pet care to live a healthy, happy life. Unfortunately, though, veterinarians can be expensive and time-consuming, especially in New York. Thankfully, VIP Petcare has a solution. Our mobile community pet clinics offer world-class vet services at an affordable cost, and because we don’t require you to make an appointment, you’ll never have to wait around for the vet. Just find a clinic near you, hop on a train, and get your pet the care it needs!

Pet Care Services in NYC

Our mission is to keep NYC pets healthy through our network of affordable pet clinics. Our New York pet clinics offer a suite of pet care services and preventative treatments, giving you everything you need to get your pet affordable care conveniently, so you can get back to focusing on walks, tricks, and plenty of treats. Our pet care and wellness services include:

  • Pet Vaccinations
  • Pet Microchips
  • Flea & Tick Medication
  • Dog Fecal Tests
  • Pet Diagnostic Tests
  • Pet Disease Detection