Vaccinating your cat or dog helps in preventing many illnesses. It is the best way to ensure that your furry friend lives a long and healthy life. If you take your dog or cat to a clinic or mobile vet clinic for affordable pet vaccinations, you could be saving a life.
Pet vaccination procedures have their own risks and benefits, which you should consider depending on your pet’s health and lifestyle.

Understanding vaccines

Vaccines are meant to prepare the pet’s immune system to fight any disease-causing organism invasion. They have antigens, which resemble the disease-causing organisms but do not cause any illness. Once the vaccine is introduced into the pet’s body, it stimulates the immune system mildly. That way, if your cat or dog ever encounters the real illness, his/her immune system will be ready to fight it off completely or at least reduce its severity.

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What are core vaccines?

These are important to all pets depending on the severity of a disease, risk of exposure, or contagiousness to humans. For dogs, the core vaccines include rabies, canine hepatitis, and parvovirus distemper. The core vaccines for cats include rabies and feline distemper. The non-core ones are administered depending on the animal’s risk of exposure. Talk to the Veterinarian at the VIP Petcare clinic to determine which vaccines are best for your pets.>

Laws regarding mandatory vaccines

Are you wondering what the law in Moody, AL, says regarding mandatory vaccines? Each state has different laws that govern the rabies vaccine administration.

Timing and frequency of vaccines

Your veterinarian is in a better position to come up with a vaccination schedule for your pet. However, it will depend on your pet’s age, lifestyle, medical history, and environment.

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