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Vaccinations can get a bad rap for causing animals to get sick, but the truth is, this only happens to a very small percentage of pets, and annual vaccinations are the best bet to keep your pet fully protected. At VIP Petcare we keep good records of your pet’s vaccinations so you can keep track of which vaccines your pet received and avoid over-immunization.

Why Pets Need Vaccines

Vaccines usually protect cats and dogs against contagious and deadly diseases. They do so by triggering immune responses that prepare your pet for fighting future infections. Although some commonly vaccinated diseases are rare, shots are still necessary.

Do Vaccines Really Cause Cancer in Cats?

Cat owners should seek to find only high quality vaccinations and companies that seek high standards in all care they give. VIP Petcare makes a point to do both of these things. For example, spread of the tumor.

Starting in 2010, VIP Petcare started offering the PureVax Feline Rabies vaccine, developed by Merial. This vaccine is non-adjuvanted, meaning it contains less of the various agents believed to cause fibrosarcomas in cats. The PureVax rabies is specifically formulated for cats and has become the standard of care amongst our many veterinary partners.

For nearly two decades now, VIP Petcare has provided the highest quality of care for dogs and cats in the areas of pet wellness and disease prevention. Having grown to more than 2,700 clinics throughout 33 states in the U.S., and we learned a lot and know how to keep your pets happy healthy and safe! Come and visit us, no appointment needed.