As a responsible Long Beach, CA, pet owner, you want to keep your pets protected from diseases. It is important to understand your pets’ core vaccines and how often they should be administered. VIP Petcare can make sure your pet is protected, happy and healthy with pet disease detection and affordable veterinary services.

Which vaccines are necessary, and how often should they be administered?

Your pets need core vaccines administered at the correct frequency to maintain protection throughout their lives. Core vaccines protect against the following:

• Feline herpes virus
• Feline parvovirus
• Feline calicivirus

• Canine parvovirus
• Canine distemper virus
• Canine adenovirus

Non-core vaccinations include coccidia and giardia. They do not need to be administered to all animals. It may be important for your pets to receive roundworm, hookworm, tapeworm and heartworm medications, especially if they eat just about anything. Don’t worry, the veterinarian at the clinic will advise you on this based on your pet’s lifestyle.

Guidelines for vaccinating your pets

Immediately following birth, your puppies and kittens begin losing their maternal antibodies. Pets should be vaccinated at 8 weeks, with a second vaccination series around 4 weeks later. The third round should occur at 16 weeks, giving your pet protection against harmful diseases for 1 year.

Contact VIP Petcare for your pet’s needs

VIP Petcare offers a robust menu of preventive services for your pets, including the following:

• Heartworm testing and prevention
• Rattlesnake vaccine
• Roundworm protection
• Hookworm protection
• Tapeworm protection
• Microchipping
• Vaccinations
• Pet shots
• Flea and tick medicine
• Canine fecal testing
• Pet health exams
• Mobile vet clinics
• Community pet clinic services
• Anal gland expressions (in Wellness Centers only)
• Nail trims (in Wellness Centers only)

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