Affordable Pet Clinics in Lexington

Our pets are like us in more ways than we realize – and one of the most important is that just like humans, health care is crucial to keeping them strong. Let us help you care for your friend.

Affordable Pet Clinics in Lexington

Pet Vaccinations

To keep your cat or dog on the right track to good health is with regular preventative pet medication and ensuring they up to date on the right vaccinations. Our pet vaccination offerings cover a wide range of worms, parasites, and conditions. Regular visits to our Lexington pet clinics will help keep your pet healthy, happy, and a part of the family for years to come.

Visit Your Lexington Pet Clinic Today!

Stop putting quality pet care on the backburner. Our mobile pet clinics make getting professional pet care convenient, and with affordably-priced treatments, it’s never been easier to get your pet quality preventive care. Show the furriest member of your family how much you love them with quality pet health care – visit a pet clinic near you today!

Pet Health Care in Lexington, KY

At VIP Petcare, we’re proud to make the process of pet healthcare easy. Our community pet clinics offer professional, affordable vet services to pets throughout the greater Lexington area, conveniently located within pet stores.

We know you’re busy – so let us take pet care off your plate. We operate a network of mobile pet clinics and we don’t require appointments, which makes the process of caring for your pet easier than ever. You’ll get to see an expert veterinarian without the wait, and our a la carte model of pet care services allows you to get preventive services at a price you can feel great about.

Our Wide Range of Pet Care Services

Part of the difficulty of pet health care is that so many pet clinics offer only a limited range of services, but VIP Petcare does things differently. Our community pet clinics offer a comprehensive set of preventive pet care services, ranging from heartworm prevention to rabies vaccines. Just a few of our pet care services include:

  • Microchipping
  • Cat Vaccinations
  • Dog Vaccinations
  • Heartworm Prevention
  • Hookworm Prevention
  • Roundworm Prevention
  • Tapeworm Prevention
  • Whipworm Detection
  • Giardia Detection
  • Coccidia Detection