Having your pet vaccinated makes a difference when it comes to the cost of pet insurance, as most providers consider this when calculating premiums. Pet vaccinations should be a routine part of taking care of your pet and ensuring his protection. If you are thinking about visiting a clinic or mobile vet clinic in Gardendale, AL, you should first know which vaccines your pet might need. Click here to learn more about pet vaccinations.

Kittens and puppies are more at risk of contracting diseases than adult counterparts because they have weaker immune systems. Before you get any kitten or puppy, they should already be vaccinated. However, it does not hurt to find out which shots your pet has had before taking them home.

Kitten vaccinations in Gardendale, AL

A kitty should be vaccinated:
• Before he is 9 weeks old
• At 12 weeks
• At 16 weeks
• Every year once he becomes an adult
It is never too late for your adult cat to receive his primary course of vaccinations. Affordable pet vaccinations are available at many VIP Petcare clinics.

Puppy vaccinations in Gardendale, AL

Puppies need to be vaccinated:
• Between 6 and 8 weeks
• At 12 weeks
• At 16 weeks
• Each year as an adult
Until your puppy is vaccinated, you should keep him from mingling with other dogs and limit the time he goes outside.

Which vaccines does my pet need?

If you have a cat, the vaccines that you should ask about include:
• Rabies
• Feline infectious enteritis – this protects against a severe gut infection.
• Feline Leukemia- protects your kitty from contracting a disease that impairs the cat’s immune system and causes certain types of cancer.

Do you have a dog? Here are the common vaccines:
• Rabies – your dog will need this vaccine if you want to take him overseas.
• Dog influenza

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