In Fort Worth, TX, every day is a “dog day!” An American Veterinary Medical Association (AMVA) study says that most Texans prefer dogs over cats. In fact, Texas is ranked ninth in the U.S. for dog ownership; 44 percent of Texas households have a dog. Whether you own a cat or dog, vaccinations and maintaining consistent quality of care is important for the life of your pet.

Unfortunately, in recent years the number of pet owners who seek professional veterinary medical care for their four-legged friends has declined. If you wonder “What shots does my dog need?” or “Where can I find microchipping for my dog?”, answers are here! That’s why VIP Petcare offers walk-in visits at pet retailers in your community; we want pet owners to get affordable pet care easily, affordably, and when they need it.

Standards of Care

When you and your pet visit a VIP Petcare clinic, all services are administered under the supervision of a licensed veterinarian. And while we offer consistent “standards of care,” treatment is customized to your pet’s age, temperament and lifestyle. Services we offer include:

• Canine/feline packages
• Coccidia and giardia protection
• Community clinics
• Flea/tick medicine
• Heartworm prevention
• Hookworm, roundworm and Tapeworm protection
• K9 fecal test
• Microchipping
• Mobile vet clinics
• Rattlesnake vaccine
• Vaccinations

Annual Wellness is Critical

A year is a long time in a dog’s life. A yearly exam means your dog will only have about thirteen exams in a lifetime. Your pets deserve annual testing, vaccines, and wellness checks throughout their lives.

Quality Healthcare

Consistency of care and service is important, and you’ll find reliability at every VIP Petcare. We continually strive to bring you affordable veterinary services from vaccinations to any form of quality pet care. We have multiple vet service locations in or near Fort Worth, TX. No matter where you are, you can use the convenient  Find a Clinic locator on our website. If you need additional information, call (800) 427-7973 or contact us online here.