Convenient Vet Clinic Services in Carson City, NV

Carson City, NV Preventative Veterinary Services

VIP Petcare makes it easy for Carson City, NV, pet parents to get the preventative care their dogs and cats need to live a healthy and happy life. Instead of having to schedule an appointment and bring your pet to a vet’s office, VIP Petcare’s vet clinics are held inside or outside local pet specialty stores with their mobile vet clinic throughout the Carson City, NV, area. No appointment is needed to receive affordable and quality pet care for your dog or cat.

Preventative Care for Wellness of Animals

Preventative care provided at clinics can protect your dog or cat from various illnesses by ensuring that they get the pet vaccinations they need to keep them healthy. VIP Petcare’s affordable pet vaccination packages can help keep your costs down and ensure that your pet receives the vaccinations they need.

Vaccinations for dogs to prevent illnesses include:

• Rabies
• Distemper
• Parainfluenza (Dog flu)
• Parvovirus
• Leptospirosis
• Bordetella (Kennel cough)

Vaccinations for cats to prevent illnesses include:

• Rabies
• Distemper
• Herpesvirus
• Feline Calicivirus
• Feline Leukemia Vaccine

Fecal screening for heartworms and other types of parasites is also available as a part of VIP Petcare’s vet services along with affordable pet vaccinations. You can also take advantage of such services as:

• Microchipping
• Medication for flea and tick control
• Deworming for roundworms and hookworms
• Titer testing

For more information on how VIP Petcare can help keep your pets healthy and happy, call (800) 427-7973 or click here to find a VIP Petcare clinic in the Carson City, NV, area.