VIP Petcare in Beverly Hills

Beverly Hills Pet Health Care


An Option That Is Always Near

Americans love our pets, but ensuring they receive the proper healthcare can be difficult. You’ve got to make an appointment before you go to the clinic, wait in the waiting room and sometimes you have to take time off work. It can be hard to schedule that kind of thing in, and that’s one reason many people simply don’t.

But now in Beverly Hills there exists a community pet care clinic option that provides a great deal of traditional services for cats and dogs. Imagine being able to get pet vaccinations at community clinics located at pet stores near you. Imagine not having to drive long distances to get services such as vaccinations, microchipping and disease detection for your pet…or make an appointment. Now imagine this solution offers affordable pet vaccinations for dogs and cats in Beverly Hills.

Believe it or not, such preventative veterinary services exist, and they cater to a variety of animal needs—from dog flu to heartworm and everything in between. This option is what’s known as a “mobile vet clinic”, and it assures pet care in an affordable way that’s closer to your home location than any other service. Preventative and wellness veterinary services in Beverly Hills have never been more convenient, and providing wellness for your animals is as easy as searching for services online.

A Bundle of Available Pet Care Services

The name of this revolutionary solution is VIP Petcare. This group offers a range of services, including:

• Shots for Canines
• Shots for Felines
• Microchipping
• Pet Vaccinations
• Heartworm Prevention
• Flea and Tick Medicine
• K9 Fecal Tests
• Pet Disease Detection
• Diagnostic Testing
• Roundworm prevention
• Hookworm prevention
• Tapeworm prevention
• Whipworm
• Rattlesnake vaccine
• Giardia
• Coccidia

You don’t need to worry about losing hours at the veterinary clinic anymore through VIP Petcare. With complete pet wellness services and products designed to help you and your pet remain strong, it’s never been easier to maintain your animal’s health. Should you find yourself in need of a nearby VIP Petcare clinic click here or call (800) 427-7973.