Preventive Pet Care in the
Beverly Hills Area

Take care of all your dog or cat’s preventive veterinary needs

Pet Care Near You

We Americans love our pets, but ensuring they receive the proper vet care can be difficult. Making an appointment before you go to a vet clinic, waiting for your pet to be seen by a veterinarian, and sometimes having to take time off work to do this can be hard to fit into your schedule.That’s why many people simply don’t seek out veterinary care for their cat or dog.

Easy Pet Vaccinations and prevention services

But now VIP Petcare locations are in Beverly Hills and offer easy and convenient care for your pet at community pet care clinics that provide a range of preventive services for cats and dogs. At VIP Petcare community clinic locations, you can get pet vaccinations right in pet stores near you! No driving long distances to get pet care services such as vaccinations, microchipping and disease detection for your pet. And no need to make an appointment!

Affordable, Convenient Vet Care from Experts

With VIP Petcare, affordable pet vaccinations for dogs and cats are easily accessible in the Beverly Hills area. With our team of certified vet experts, we cater to a variety of animal needs, from dog flu to heartworm. Our mobile vet clinics assure affordable pet care is as close to your home as possible. Pet wellness and preventative veterinary services in Beverly Hills have never been more convenient and providing wellness for your pets is as easy as visiting your local pet store.

Our Mobile Pet Clinic Services in Beverly Hills

You can visit a VIP Petcare mobile pet clinic in Beverly Hills for services like:

  • • Vaccinations for dogs
  • • Vaccinations for cats
  • Microchipping
  • Pet heartworm prevention
  • Flea and tick medicine
  • Dog fecal tests
  • Pet disease detection
  • Pet diagnostic testing
  • Roundworm prevention
  • Hookworm prevention
  • Tapeworm prevention
  • Whipworm detection
  • Rattlesnake vaccine
  • Giardia detection
  • Coccidia detection

There’s no need to worry about losing hours at the veterinary clinic anymore with VIP Petcare. With complete pet wellness services and products designed to help you and your pet remain strong, it’s never been easier to maintain your animal’s health. Should you find yourself in need of a nearby VIP Petcare clinic, find our nearest location, dates and times here or call (800) 427-7973.