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Alexandria Pet Health Care

Prevention care is the best way to ensure your pet does not fall to illness. It can be very costly to treat a pet after they have become sick, so preventative care is crucial. You can find this care and save money by taking advantage of the many mobile vet clinics in Alexandria, VA.

In fact, besides the affordable pet vaccinations and microchipping, a mobile vet clinic can benefit you in several other ways as far as wellness for animals is concerned. The benefits include:

Reduced Stress

In a traditional vet care setting, anxiety and stress caused by other animals can aggravate your pet’s health problems. Your pet simply being outside of its own comfort zone can mask your pet’s health problems. In fact, anxiety can even hide some symptoms. Hence, it is better to attend to the pet in its usual environment where it is less anxious and calmer. This way, a doctor will be able to conduct more accurate exams for best results.

Time Savings

Many mobile pet care companies offer a wide variety of preventive veterinary services ranging from pet vaccinations to microchipping. Getting your pets the care they need is easy when the mobile pet care is located at a pet store near your house. There is a licensed veterinarian on site to help you determine the preventative needs for your pet. Holding clinics at stores offers you more flexibility to get your pets their daily necessities and pet care all in one stop. This offers you much more flexibility and freedom, and your pet gets more personalized attention.

Reduced Risks

When you see the Vet, you actually lower the risk of diseases your pet would be exposed to. Even shot clinics are not safe as there are many diseases, such as dog flu and heartworm, which might be lurking in the waiting room.

A healthy and happy pet will enrich your life as it will not create many problems. This can be guaranteed by having proper pet care. If you live in Alexandria, you can bank on VIP Petcare to provide you with the best mobile vet clinic services. You can get in touch with them by calling 800-427-7973. No appointment necessary. Visit a VIP Petcare clinic today!