News from the “Poop Deck”: All Aboard!

It’s Adopt a Cat month and we are focusing our blog posts on cat wellness care this June.

When it comes to protecting cats from dangerous parasites, we as pet owners all have a role to play. Whether our cats live indoors or outdoors, they are all at risk for internal (stomach and small intestine) parasites.

Cats are exposed to soil in our homes (house plants) and outdoors. This exposure can lead to contracting internal parasites or “worms”. When cats, dogs and other animals poop in our yards, they can leave behind eggs from worms. When our cats go outside, even just in the backyard, they can come in contact with these worm eggs and when they groom themselves, they swallow the eggs and worms develop in their stomach and small intestines. Worms can make cats sick. And, did you know people can get worms from cats? Gross! That is why keeping your cat worm-free is important, not only for the cat, but for you and your family, too. All Aboard! VIP Petcare has veterinary professionals, at the ready, to help you keep you and your cat healthy and happy.

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