How much do you know about Lyme disease?

The threat of Lyme disease is on high alert this year in all 50 states and in more than 60 other countries. The disease occurs when ticks infected by the Lyme Disease bacterium bite a pet (or a human) and transmit the pathogen into the body. Different regions carry different tick species and the possibility of infectious pathogens often fluctuates based on weather and climate.

Tick-borne diseases are a threat to all dogs, cats, and their owners, so the importance of prevention is absolutely key. Pets can bring ticks inside homes, increasing the risk of human exposure. For the most comprehensive protection against Lyme disease for your dog, VIP Petcare recommends a monthly tick preventative and a Lyme vaccine for all dogs who may be exposed to ticks.

Here are some other ways you can protect your pet and family from Tick-borne Disease:

  • Use effective prevention such as NexGard or Revolution every 30 days. By reducing the risk of the tick burden on the pet, tick preventatives reduce the risk of Lyme Disease transmission, but are not 100% effective at preventing the disease without vaccination.
  • Get your dog vaccinated at a VIP Petcare operated clinic. We offer a canine Lyme vaccination for $33 for dogs who are at risk for exposure to areas with ticks.
  • If your pet spends time outdoors, check them daily for ticks. Pay close attention to the head/chin, ears, shoulders, armpits, groin and upper leg areas.
  • Never spray human tick repellent on your pet as these chemicals are toxic if ingested.
  • Get your pet tested. All VIP Petcare operated clinics offer a blood test to detect the presence of Lyme disease and two other common tick-borne diseases.

*Consult a veterinarian if you think your dog may have Lyme disease. The most common symptoms include, fever, lameness, joint swelling, swollen lymph nodes, lethargy and loss of appetite.

Although cats can, and do, get Lyme disease, a Lyme vaccine has not been developed for cats. VIP Petcare recommends a monthly broad spectrum preventative to protect your cat all year round. Please note, tick prevention products intended for dogs ARE NOT safe for cats.

VIP Petcare offers a canine Lyme vaccine for $33 at all clinics, as well as a Heartworm/Lyme combination blood test for $31 (or $15 with the purchase of a vaccination package). We also offer a test for $10 with the purchase of a 12-month supply of Heartworm preventative.

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