Why do kittens need a series of vaccinations every 4 weeks?

We jump into more detail on what our various feline vaccination packages entail, but for now we want to help you gain an understanding of why we recommend kittens receive a series of vaccines, dewormers and testing every 4 weeks at 8 weeks of age, 12 weeks of age and 16 weeks of age.

Antibodies from a kitten’s mother protect young kittens from diseases but they begin to wear off at different times for each cat. For kittens less than 4 months old, receiving the recommended 3 series of vaccines will help protect them against infectious diseases such as feline distemper, feline herpesvirus, feline calicivirus and feline leukemia.

Our Kitten Pack 1 is a good place to start for most kittens and our veterinarian will help will confirm the best vaccines to administer upon meeting you and your pet at our clinic. We do recommend keeping your new kitten indoors and separated from other cats as much as possible while receiving vaccines in the three Kitten Packs.
Four weeks later you should bring your kitten back for our Kitten Pack 2, where your kitten will receive a booster for the combination of vaccines received in Kitten Pack 1, a feline leukemia vaccine and a dewormer. Again, our veterinarians will help you determine if this package is the appropriate next step for your kitten. And finally, four weeks after Kitten Pack 2 your kitten will receive the final series of kitten vaccines called Kitten Pack 3. Depending on your state, a feline rabies vaccine will also be administered at this time (age minimums vary by state). This final set of boosters will get your kitten all set for a healthy year and we will plan to see you back annually to maintain your cat’s immunities!

By the way, you may be wondering – what is a booster? A booster is the term for an additional dose needed to keep your pet’s immune system working to fight off disease. Generally, a booster will happen annually, and our veterinarians will be happy to help explain this to you at your visit.

If you have questions, feel free to visit our staff at a Community Clinic near you or contact us.