How To Introduce A New Dog To Your Home

After you rescue a dog from a shelter or from a foster home, your new pup’s initial transition into your own home is a critical moment for their overall happiness and well-being! Without question, your newly adopted best friend will be intimidated by their unfamiliar surroundings, not to mention their new owners. Here at VIP Petcare, our veterinarians have detailed the proper steps to take to introduce your furry friend to their forever home as gently as possible, ensuring that your pup feels safe right away!

Starting Off On The Right Paw

Moving is stressful for everyone, including your new pup! Upon your dog’s arrival to your home, give him or her a chance to properly acclimate to the new environment. We recommend taking your dog straight to an outdoor area where they will be relieving themselves from here on out. Let your dog explore and sniff around at their leisure, and don’t put too much pressure on them to listen right away. Even if they do end up going to the bathroom in the appropriate spot, be prepared for accidents when you first take them inside! Even a previously housebroken dog can become overwhelmed and have an accident, as all the new people, sights, and smells can be shock. Also, make sure your new pup is microchipped.

Creating A Relaxed Environment

For the first day, remain calm and quiet around your dog, especially when you bring them in the house for the first time. If you have young children, make sure they know how to properly approach the dog without being overwhelming, or too loud. A relaxed atmosphere will allow your pup to settle in with ease, giving you and your family more one-on-one time to get to know his or her likes and dislikes. As you follow along, let them explore the ins and outs of your home to help build their confidence. If you notice that your pup is too scared to move about freely, have plenty of toys and treats on standby to help let them know that they are in a safe place with caring people.

Staying Consistent

Once your dog has gained some confidence to move about the house or play with toys, it’s time to introduce them where they will be eating and drinking everyday! Make sure to keep their food and water dishes in the same spot for the first few weeks to help them get used to their daily routine. It’s critically important to feed your dog the same food they had been previously fed to avoid an upset stomach and additional accidents. If you’re wanting to change their food type or brand, you’ll need to implement the new food into their normal diet slowly, adding in small portions with their old food until they can fully make the switch without any gastric problems.

Depending upon what time of day it is – and how you plan to implement his or her eating schedule – it might be time for your pup to chow down! If they have reservations about eating due to anxiety, don’t force feed them. Leave the food in your dog’s bowl, and let them get to it when they feel comfortable. If they eat their food right away, make sure to take them outside immediately afterwards so they can continue to associate your yard with the appropriate place to go to the bathroom.

Equal Parts Playtime & Solitude

From day one, your pup will need equal parts family playtime and solitary confinement, especially if they are in need of crate training. Solitude can be a new thing for most pups, but it’s a necessary element to a dog’s life if you or your family members are gone for parts of the day, or if your dog is being potty trained. If you notice that your pup is whimpering or crying while in their kennel or crate, try your best not to give in! If you constantly comfort your dog when they’re whimpering in their kennel, they will associate this behavior with your attention and whimper even more. Instead, give your dog extra attention and praise for good behavior during playtime!

Patience Is Key

Regardless of how long it takes to get your pup acclimated to their new, forever home, make sure to exercise patience and understanding. New environments can be extremely intimidating, but your pup will eventually get used to everyday life with you and your family!

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