A Puppy Kiss Is Not Always Bliss

Is your pet parasite free?

Your pet’s stool contains the information veterinarians need for understanding if they carry parasites or not. Sometimes, evidence of parasites can be detected just by a quick examination of your pet’s poop, and other times it’s not as easy to see. This is where the importance of fecal testing comes in. A fecal test looks for intestinal parasites including, Coccidia, Giardia, Whipworm, Hookworm, and Roundworm.

Did you know that some parasites are zoonotic, meaning if your pet has a parasite, your family is at risk of getting it, too? Now imagine your pet has a parasite and you are unaware because you haven’t had your pet tested. A simple “kiss” from a pet with roundworms, hookworms, or giardia means you and your family may have been exposed to the parasite. We can’t stress the importance of annual fecal testing (minimum) enough for the health and safety of your family and pet.


Testing at VIP Petcare is painless for your pet. All we need is a stool sample collected the day you intend to bring it to a scheduled clinic (no more than 12 hours old). Some of our packages include a fecal test, and if you do not have a sample available during your original visit, no problem. You will receive a fecal tube where you can place your pet’s sample inside before bringing it back to a future clinic (or even the same day if you’re quick!). There is no need to wait in line if you are dropping off a stool sample in a tube provided by VIP Petcare.

Routine fecal testing for your pet (and treatment, if needed) and good hygiene will help keep everyone healthy, happy and safe.