Halloween Tips for Your Pets!

It’s a spooky time of year, and our pets want to join in the fun, too! While we get excited about disguising our pet in fun costumes, here are some things to keep in mind as Halloween festivities approach.

1. Candy is not to share with your furry friends.
This one likely seems very obvious to you. And while we don’t plan to feed candy to our pets, if it’s left out, they can get into it. Just remember to keep candy out of reach.

2. Trick or Treaters mean extra traffic at your door.
It’s exciting to see what cute costumes kids are going to wear this year, and though we want to show off the costumes our furry ‘kids’ are wearing, extra knocking, door-bell ringing, and people at your house can be stressful for your pets. To keep everyone extra happy, try to find a safe, quiet place to keep your pet for the evening.

3. Keep your pets indoors
Halloween can be a time for pranks, stealing and other poetentially harmful activities. If you are planning to be away from home that night, keep your pets indoors if at all possible, especially cats.

4. If your pet isn’t loving the costume – ditch it.
Let’s be honest, some pets aren’t in to the costume thing. If you get the sense that they really aren’t digging the pirate hat or princess dress, you should probably take it off.

5. Make sure your pet is wearing a form of ID!
Whether you are bringing your dog out with you, or leaving your cat or dog at home, ensuring they have a proper form of identification is crucial. Providing your pet with a collar tagged with their name and your contact information is the first step, and we highly recommend ensuring your pet has a microchip, or permanent for of identification.

You can get a microchip for your pet at any VIP Petcare operated clinic for only $18! That’s a small price to pay to get you beloved furry kid home safe.

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