Protect Your Pooch Against Lyme Disease!

Get $25 off 12-doses of Simparica with the purchase of a Lyme vaccination or any vaccination package.

It’s Spring and nobody wants to get outside more than your dog!

But beware, fleas and ticks are out there, just waiting to feed on your furry friend – and YOU! Fleas can be a nuisance, but with ticks comes Lyme disease. If your pooch is outside in the spring they will likely be exposed to Lyme as there are several kinds of Lyme-carrying ticks in the grass or plants across the country. And, while a Lyme vaccine will protect your pet from Lyme, it won’t prevent them from attaching to your pet and bringing them into your home, so it’s important to double down on your pet’s safety with a flea/tick preventative and a Lyme vaccination.

Simparica® chewables offers your pooch fast-acting protection from fleas and ticks. Now through July 1, 2018, get $25 off 12-doses of Simparica® with the purchase of a Lyme vaccination, or a package, at a VIP Petcare® clinic or Wellness Center. Voucher required.