Northern California Wellness Centers

Conveniently located in San Jose, Walnut Creek and Roseville

Has Marley been losing weight?
Scratching her ears more than usual?
Are those just hairballs, or is she vomiting?

All of these questions can be discussed with our licensed Wellness Center veterinarians & support staff. Stop by anytime with your non-emergency concerns about your furry friend, no appointment necessary. Our dedicated team looks forward to building a relationship with you and your pet.

Whether your pet needs a quick look at that bump, a refill of their Royal Canin Veterinary Diet, a Wellness Profile, or ProHeart 6 Injectable Heartworm Prevention, you will find all of that and more.

VIP Wellness Centers

Working Together to Keep Your Pet Healthy, Happy and Safe




1009 Galleria Blvd. Inside Pet Food Express Every Tuesday, Wednesday
& Thursday
2:30 – 7:30 PM


Walnut Creek

1388 S. California St. Inside Pet Food Express Every Tuesday, Wednesday
& Thursday
2:30 – 7:30 PM


San Jose

1152 Blossom Hill Rd. Inside Pet Food Express Every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday
& Thursday
2:30 – 7:30 PM

VIP PetCare’s Wellness Centers offer a variety of services for your beloved pet:

Wellness Centers

Why should I switch to ProHeart 6 injectable heartworm prevention?

A: Proheart6 is a 6-month, sustainable heartworm injection that effectively prevents heartworm disease and treats common hookworm infections. Your pet can get a on-site heartworm test and exam for $10, plus it is much more affordable & convenient than monthly heartworm prevention pills.

Does my pet need a special diet?

A: Just like us, certain pets require specific types of foods for a variety of reasons. Whether it is food allergies, thyroid issues, etc… Royal Canin veterinary diet options are vast and could be just what your pet needs. Please consult with our veterinarian before pursuing a specific prescription diet.

Does my pet need an annual exam?

A: Our licensed veterinarians will check your pet’s vital signs, ears, eyes, and teeth. They will also offer a weight assessment, discussion of your pet’s nutrition, plus any other concerns you may have about your pet. Even a young and extremely healthy pet would benefit from annual exams.

What is a ‘Wellness Package’?

A: This package is comprehensive, and a great value. Not only does it includes a physical exam plus 50% off any vaccine packages on the same day, your pet will also receive a blood test called Chem 25 & Comprehensive CBC. The initial test will provide the baseline “normal” values, and is recommended annually to catch any changes in your pet’s vital organs. Our veterinarians will also be able to detect if your pet is suffering from inflammation, infection and anemia. Blood samples are always processed at esteemed Idexx Laboratories.

What other tests do you have available for my pet?

A: Idexx Laboratories offers a very wide variety of tests, and our veterinarians would be happy to discuss the applicable options with you when you bring your pet in for an exam. Some common tests are Regional Allergen Panels and Urine Analysis, but there are many types of tests available for different circumstances. The cost of these tests through VIP PetCare are also significantly less expensive than most full-service vet offices.

Does my pet need a nail trim?

A: Well, if your pet’s nails audibly click on the kitchen floor or concrete, chances are they are too long. Our nail trims typically include use of high quality nail trimmers, plus a Dremel® tool that will smooth and shape the edges of your pet’s nails to create an even finish.

What is an International Health Certificate?

A: An International Health Certificate is required to travel with your pet overseas. All of our veterinarians are certified to perform health certificates, and will help you through the tedious paperwork process. Please call in advance to ensure that all of the appropriate documents are ready when you arrive at the clinic, as requirements vary depending on your destination.

Please call in advance for an International Health Certificate 1.800.427.7973

My pet is losing hair on her rear end, what do I do?

A: We recommend a minor wound/hot spot/small abscess “Clip ‘n’ Clean” service. Our veterinarian will shave the area around the wound/hot spot/abscess, then thoroughly clean it with disinfectant. Once the hair has been removed and the area is clean, our veterinarian will have a better understanding of what may be causing the problem. A Skin Scraping and In-House Cytology is also commonly recommended, which checks for many types of mange including demodectic mange.

My dog appears to have dirt in his ears, and he’s constantly scratching them. What do I do?

A: It could be a number of things, but we recommend an Ear Cytology that will check for a variety of mites. Once that is ruled out, our veterinarian can assess whether your pet has an ear infection – or if they are just dirty ears that need a good cleaning.

My puppy is really sick and is having bloody diarrhea, could it be parvo?

A: Parvovirus is a very serious virus among dogs, especially young puppies. If your pet is experiencing these symptoms, we recommend an on-site Parvo Test right away. Since your pet may be shedding live Parvovirus, please bring your pet in a box or crate for the protection of unprotected pets.

Does my pet need a medicated shampoo?

A: Medicated shampoos may be recommended if your pet has sensitive or itchy skin. Before purchasing, please discuss your pet’s skin condition with our veterinarian to determine if any additional treatment is necessary.

Wellness Center Pricing:

Wellness Package…$80

Physical Exam & Health Check (Chem 25, Comp CVC) 1/2 Off any Vaccine Package During Same Visit


Puppy Pack 1

Puppy 8 weeks


5-in-1, Deworm, Fecal Test


Puppy Pack 2

Puppy 12 weeks


5-in-1 + Lepto 4,
Bordetella, Deworm
(Add Fecal Test…$15)


Puppy Pack 3

Puppy 16 weeks


5-in-1 + Lepto 4,
Bordetella, Deworm
(Add Fecal Test…$15)


Dog Pack

Adult Dog + 26 weeks


5-in-1 + Lepto 4,
Fecal Test

Add Canine Rabies to any Package for $10


Kitten Pack 1

Kitten 8 weeks


3-in-1, Deworm, Fecal Test


Kitten Pack 2

Kitten 12 weeks


3-in-1, FeLV, Deworm
(Add Fecal Test…$15)


Kitten Pack 3

Kitten 16 weeks


3-in-1, PureVax Rabies, FeLV, Deworm
(Add Fecal Test…$15)


Adult Cat Pack

Adult Cat + 26 weeks


3-in-1, PureVax Rabies, Fecal Test
(Exposed to Outdoor Cats add FeLV…$24)

Package prices do not include fees for boosters.

Additional Services

  • Physical Exam + Health Certificate (Please Call in Advance*) From $75
  • International Health Certificate (Please Call in Advance*) From $100
  • Microchip Pet ID $10
  • Diagnostic Testing Available (Heartworm, FeLV/FIV, and Fecal)
  • Additional Vaccinations Available including: Lyme, Influenza(H3N8), Rattlesnake and More

* Call 1.800.427.7973 for availability.