Clear the Shelters
July 23, 2016

Clear the Shelters was a huge success this year! Over 47,000 pets were adopted through this event and we thank everyone who participated.

Clear the shelters NBC

VIP Petcare and NBCUniversal Owned Television Stations teamed up to help Clear the Shelters. Through this nationwide pet adoption drive, we helped raise awareness among pet owners about the importance of pet wellness care and help pets find new forever homes!

On Saturday, July 23, hundreds of participating animal shelters across the country celebrated the adoptions of thousands of pets going to new homes! To express our gratitude for adopting a shelter pet, VIP Petcare donated up to $200 worth of preventative care services to all pet parents adopting at this event, including a free microchip, free rabies vaccine, free heartworm/lyme combo test (for dogs only), free vaccination package and free fecal test. In addition, every pet parent will also receive one free dose of Nexgard (for dogs only) and one free dose of Heartgard (for dogs only) to get your pet on track for preventing heartworm disease and fleas and ticks, courtesy of Merial.

For more information about the nationwide pet adoption campaign – Clear the Shelters – including the names of all the participating shelters, please visit

Clear the Shelters was a huge success this year! Over 47,000 pets were adopted through this event and we thank everyone who participated.

VIP Petcare gave away the following to pet parents adopting at many participating shelters:

• 1 FREE MICROCHIP (not available in Florida)
• 1 FREE DOSE OF NEXGARD (for dogs only)
• 1 FREE DOSE OF HEARTGARD (for dogs only)

Click here to learn more about vaccination packages and other services available at VIP Petcare clinics.

If you adopted from a participating shelter, you should have received our giveaway box! Follow the instructions on the card. Please note, you must request vouchers with the unique code given to you, and the vouchers expire on October 17, so request them today if you haven’t already! A valid email and mailing address must be provided. Vouchers can be requested until September 16, 2016.

For questions regarding this event, email

Read below for more information on the importance of ongoing wellness care for your new pet.

Ongoing Wellness Care for Your Pet

They say, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,” and at VIP Petcare we stand by our mission to protect pets from contracting preventable diseases.

When leaving the shelter you will receive a record of your pet’s vaccination history. Depending on the age of your pet, more vaccinations may be needed for the best protection against disease (please note, VIP Petcare recommends waiting 7-10 before bringing your pet in for more vaccinations after leaving the Shelter). Plan a visit to your local VIP Petcare clinic and our staff will be there to assist you in determining what your pet needs. Please note, all our preventative pet care services are administered under the direct supervision of a licensed veterinarian.

Here are some topics we will discuss at your visit:

Fecal Test

We want to make sure your pet starts its life free of internal parasites, so even if your pet had a fecal exam and was dewormed before adoption, VIP Petcare recommends testing and deworming your pet again just for extra assurance of a healthy start.


Blood Testing

VIP Petcare recommends blood testing for both cats and dogs to check for infectious diseases. If you have adopted a kitten, we recommend a Feline Leukemia Virus (FeLV) and Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV) test if one was not performed before you adopted it. These are very serious viral infections that can be passed from the mother to a kitten and can be contagious to other cats in your household.

If you adopted a dog, we recommend a Heartworm/Lyme combination test to be sure your dog is free of Heartworms and Lyme disease. Even if your dog is tested prior to adoption, that is no guarantee your dog will not develop heartworm disease, especially if the animal was not on heartworm preventative. After testing, and receiving a negative test result, we recommend giving your dog a heartworm preventative for the rest of its life, and testing annually to ensure your dog is still heartworm and Lyme disease free.



VIP Petcare recommends a series of vaccines for kittens and puppies up until the age of 16 weeks old. Our staff will review your pet’s history and determine which vaccines or vaccination package is best for your pet. Additional vaccination recommendations will be made based on your pet’s lifestyle. For example, if you are planning to let your cat go outside, we recommend your cat be vaccinated for Feline Leukemia Virus. Or, depending on your location we may recommend a Lyme vaccine for your dog.


Prescription Parasite Preventative

A last way you can keep your pet happy and healthy for the long haul is by administering parasite preventatives.

Heartworm disease and other parasites can be prevented with a monthly heartworm prevention product, like Heartgard or Trifexis. While there is no foolproof method of preventing Lyme disease, Ehrlichiosis and Anaplasmosis, these can be discouraged by keeping your pet on a regular anti-tick preventative, such as Revolution.