One cold virus to keep your pet safe against, Canine parainfluenza

Don’t let your pet get a cold this season!

You may not know it, but dogs can catch “colds” just like humans, and while humans cannot transmit cold symptoms to their pets, dogs can contract “colds” from other dogs. As with humans, each virus has its own set of symptoms, and we’re here to help you understand one virus known as canine parainfluenza.

What is canine parainfluenza?

Simply put, canine parainfluenza is a highly contagious respiratory condition that causes coughing, nasal discharge and other symptoms in dogs that can last days to weeks. It is one of the causes of Kennel Cough, commonly passed from dogs living in close quarters, such as shelters, boarding facilities, groomers, and more. The virus is generally passed through the air but can also spread when dogs share things such as toys and bowls. The signs of canine parainfluenza are similar to those of a dog with canine influenza virus, but it’s important to know that these are different viruses and will require different treatments.

If your dog exhibits symptoms such as a wet or a dry cough, has discharge from his nose, doesn’t seem to have as much energy or as much of an appetite, call your veterinarian. Treatments are available and seeking help for your dog quickly is the best bet for their health.

How can you prevent your dog from contracting canine parainfluenza?

An annual vaccine is the best way to ensure your pet will stay healthy. VIP Petcare offers protection against this virus as part of the 5-in-1 (DA2PP) vaccine, where the second “P” protects against parainfluenza.

Take action this season to keep your dog healthy, happy and safe!